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Why can induction cooking save energy?

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Why can induction cooking save energy?

Lestov induction cooker is a cookware in commercial kitchen which uses high-power induction heating principle to cook food. Because it uses renewable energy and has the features of environmentally friendly, easy to control, easy to clean, etc, It is loved by many catering and other buyers who have a need for commercial cooking.

 Induction cooker in commercial kitchen

As mentioned earlier (Related title: Fire & Induction Cooktop in Human Civilization), cooking is accompanied by the development of human civilization. Civilization and security risks coexist. The use of energy is no exception.

 open fire cooking

the principle of induction heating technology

Before the use of induction cooking equipment, the main cooking energy of human beings is primary energy which is an energy source that has been directly utilized from the natural world without change or transformation, including coal, oil, natural gas, etc. People use these primary energy for open fire cooking.

Since the industrial revolution, the use of energy by humans has been greatly accelerated. We have spent only less than 100 years consuming the fossil energy that nature has spent tens of millions of years. At this rate of consumption, the reserves of proven fossil energy in the world will be exhausted by us within 100 years. Open fire cooking is no longer suitable for our long-term development needs.

Based on this understanding and fact, Lestov induction cooktops have been promoting the popularization of induction cooking since 2003.

 Smabo promotes induction cooking more popular

The energy saving and environmental protection of new cooking equipment are reflected in the following points:

1. Firstly, instead of consuming primary energy, it uses renewable electricity as an energy source which do not increase the burden of the earth's energy.

2. Furthermore, electric energy has many controllable and easy to control energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy, hydrodynamics, etc.

3. No open flame heating has no heat radiation to the environment, which is a very friendly, safe and comfortable cooking way;

In summary, Lestov induction cooktops will be your priority choice cooking in commercial kitchen.

professional chefs cook with commercial induction cookers

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