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When to Refurbish or Replace: Commercial Induction Cooktops

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When to Refurbish or Replace: Commercial Induction Cooktops

The lifetime hours of commercial kitchen equipment may vary greatly due to the brand, usage, maintenance. When to refurbish or replace your commercial induction cooktops depend on the actual situation and some replacement hints.


Overview: Commercial Induction Cooker

How do the commercial induction cookers work? Their heating element does not generate heat, only the electromagnetic field. The magnetic field reacts with induction cookware and uses friction to cook food. Cookware and food are the only things that get hot, which makes it one of the safest cooking methods.


With the development of induction heating technology, the internal innovation of commercial induction hobs provides operators with better control and higher durability. Adjustable power, timer, and temperature control can truly meet the application of high temperature and high humidity commercial kitchen environment. The technology has extended to major cooking ways, such as flat or frying pan devices, fryers, frying grills, soup boilers, steam ovens, commercial hob with burners, etc.


They also look very practical and beautiful. From the external structure point of view, the commercial induction cooker uses a thick stainless steel shell, ceramic glass top, or a composite bottom pot with iron. You can adjust the legs of the stove to different heights. In terms of installation methods, commercial induction cooker ranges are available in countertop versions with single or double burner, built-in and freestanding versions, providing front-to-back or side-by-side configurations. From the control modes, the manufacturer can provide the knob/push-button/touch panel operation.

Lifetime hours: How long will the product last?

If you plan to switch or use the induction burners, please consult the expected hours and service life of the device to the manufacturer or supplier.


The commercial induction cooker manufacturer says commercial equipment design for 30,000 hours, which is equivalent to 10 hours per day for 8 years. According to Falcon Industries, a commercial cooktop supplier in the United Kingdom indicates that typical domestic models have an average of about 2,500 cooking hours. If you cook two hours a day, the life expectancy will exceed 3 1/2 years.


There is often a gap between reality and expectations because the service life of induction equipment depends on factors such as the product itself, working time, and human operation.


A maintenance technician from the Lestov factory listed some important factors that can extend the service life of commercial induction units as below:


(1) Induction core component module

We recommend the electromagnetic unit using the "Infineon" IGBT module and pure copper magnetic coil because you will benefit from the outstanding performance, efficiency, and long life of these highly reliable products. Before purchasing, please consult the manufacturer or supplier for the component internal structure of induction cooker.


(2) Glass thickness

The 220v countertop induction cooker can meet both home and commercial use. The glass usually designs to 4mm thick. The thickness of the glass for commercial burner ranges is 6mm, which can withstand tough treatment. Nonetheless, you cannot really "abuse" on top of the glass (by beating, sliding, or throwing your pot at will).


For information on the strength of Lestov’s induction glass, Please see the following table:

Glass Test

Process & Conclusion

Drop shock test

The ceramic plate is in a stable horizontal position, and a flat-bottom aluminum vessel (more than 12CM) is filled with sand of a total weight of 1.8KG, then make the vessel drop from the height of 15CM to the induction cooker panel 10 times in a row, the panel is intact.

Withstand heat shock test

Put the ceramic glass heat up to 600 ℃, keep it warm for 30 minutes, and then directly put into 0℃ water, the glass panel is intact.

Printing fade test

Use alcohol, 10% sodium hydroxide solution, and citric acid solution, scrubbing detergent 15 times without fading. It won't fade after 3000 times of simulated cooking.

(3) Power rating

The higher the rated power, the shorter the cooking time, which extends the service time of the equipment to a certain extent. The easiest way is to compare the boiling time through the boiling test.


(4) Heat zone size

The selection of cookware belongs to the important content of induction cooker safety and maintenance.Commercial induction ranges/cooktops have a min and max pot size to match each heating element.


Before we buy an induction stove, we must ask the manufacturer about the glass surface size, heating diameter and minimum pot diameter to avoid equipment failure.


Taking the top ceramic glass cooktop of the Lestov brand as an example, check the table below for the minimum diameter range of the pot:


Product Size (MM)

Glass-ceramic Size (MM)

Minimum Pot Diameter (MM)








































(5) Cookware material

The cookware used on the induction cooker must be a ferromagnetic material with relatively good magnetic permeability, such as cast iron, A3 iron pan, stainless iron pan, etc. Because the non-conductive material cannot effectively concentrate the magnetic field lines and almost does not form eddy currents, so there is almost no thermal energy generated.


(6) Cooking time

The design of the commercial induction stove has fully considered the chef's long-term cooking needs. Of course, reducing working hours is a direct way to extend service life.


(7) Man-made Operation

Before installing the equipment, make sure that the electricity in the actual restaurant safe. During the installation process, the operator should leave at least 4 inches (about 10 cm) or more within the suction range to ensure that the ventilation holes and fans in the equipment enclosure are unobstructed. In the process of use, pay attention to follow the instructions and regularly maintain and clean commercial induction equipment.


When to Refurbish or Replace your induction cooktops commercial


Paying attention to the extension of the service life of the induction burners will have a certain impact on the equipment refurbishment and replacement time.


According to a professional repairer from Lestov Induction Cooktop factory, for a busy commercial restaurant or restaurant, the best time to renovate a commercial induction wok range (whether 220v desktop or 380v vertical) under normal use is 3-4 years between. The desktop induction cooker only needs to replace the knob switch, PCB main board and fan; the vertical furnace needs to replace the new movement and fan.

However, when the following three signs appear, it indicates that you need to refurbish or replace the induction cooker:


(1) Water into the induction component (Chip)

Although manufacturers of brand-name commercial induction cooktops have made waterproof designs on stainless steel housings, cooling fans, and IGBT boxes, restaurant operators often flush the equipment directly with water, which has violated the operating instructions. 


If a large amount of moisture or water penetrates inside the device, induction components may be damaged. In fact, after the chip immersed in water for more than 5 days, your commercial induction cooker will directly be scrapped and unable to be repaired.


(2) Damaged glass surface

The glass broken cannot be repaired. To avoid possible electric shock risk, the operator should immediately cut off the power and replace the glass. If water enters the coil or main board and damages the heating element, you must replace the commercial induction burner.


(3) Suddenly stop heating

When an old or frequently used induction cooker suddenly fails to work, its service life is likely to be over and the catering operator needs to replace the equipment.


When the device provides a visual fault code prompt or cannot operate the thermostat device, this is the internal self-diagnostic function of the commercial induction cooker series. The operator can ask its manufacturer or service agent to understand the cause of the failure and troubleshooting. If the electronic components are damaged, it means that you need to refurbish or replace the corresponding accessories of the induction cooker.

Making the right choice

In addition to the quality of the commercial induction griddle itself, any hints of signs of renovation or replacement are related to common applications, designated precautions, and maintenance techniques, all of which occur after the purchase.


Buying any major commercial catering equipment is a huge expense, so choosing the right equipment is very important. The best way is to buy from professional or brand induction cooker manufacturers. Please ask all details related to the induction cookers before purchasing.

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