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 1. How does a commercial induction cooktop work?

Commercial induction cookers transfer the electric energy via the pure copper coil to the metal container ferromagnetic through induction, provide direct heat for the cookware, and then transfer the radiant energy. 

 2. Any hesitation over switching from the gas to commercial inductions?

Making the switch may depend on whether the restaurant owner is ready to change your commercial kitchen and considering your chefs' thoughts.

Usually, there are no visual clues of where the burner is, such as physical hot surfaces, red coils, or physical flame, making chefs confused and wary of trying.

Once chefs and restaurant owners better understand what induction cooking is and the benefits it can bring to the kitchen, they are more likely to try this innovative technology.

 3. Factors to consider while buying commercial induction cookers?

- Temperature Control

Combined with the temperature response capabilities of gas stoves, induction stoves work safely through the pulse switching method.This process will be repeated until the desired temperature is reached.

 However, the problem with a low-quality induction cooktop is that it cannot reach the high temperatures required for a particular dish, affecting the taste of the food unless it is set to maximum power.

 Therefore, this is not a good choice whenever you are trying to make high-quality food in a restaurant. Always choose high-quality products from reputable commercial induction manufacturers.

-Button VS Knob Controls

When you use an induction cooktop at home, you should choose a button option that is stylish and easy to clean.

However, when it comes to professional cooking, knob control is what you need most. The knob is faster than the temperature adjustment button, providing functional convenience.

-Buy From Trusted Places Only

Whenever you search for commercial induction equipment, you will get tons of sites that are selling commercial equipment.

However, they are not. We are using "commercial" as a marketing term. A cost-cutting technique employed in some cases of an induction cooktop is to mix copper wire with a cheap material to keep the manufacturing costs low.

A result is that induced magnetic induction will not be healthy to cook speedily or evenly. Make sure they have certified pure copper wire.

We suggest that our readers always get their products from reputable sources. For example, you can check the official website of Lestov.

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