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As the first commercial induction hob manufacturer in China since 2003Lestov provides various commercial induction cookers for your kitchen catering business, including commercial induction stoves, commercial induction cooktops, commercial induction burners hobs, commercial pasta cooker, steamer, induction fryer commercial, and commercial griddle, etc. We expect to get you as our distributor. Buy in bulk from commercial induction hob manufacturer at factory direct price!
  • Why do commercial induction cookers need multiple protection?

    Commercial induction cookers have been a revelation since the turn of the century. They are efficient, fast, and easy to use. They can be found in virtually 1 out of every 10 homes now. Read More

  • How does the commercial induction cooker improve the efficiency of a canteen?

    Commercial induction cooker is one recent technology that has captured quite a few hearts in the world of cooking. Most canteens in the world right now are trending towards cookers with 4 burners induction cooktops. Read More

  • Quality Distributor Of Lestov Induction Cooktops: L&T RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT

    Fate is a wonderful thing. In March 2017, Mr. Pan from L&T Restaurant Equipment Supply Inc. visited the exhibition hall of Lestov Induction Cookers at the Shanghai Exhibition and had a deep impression on Lestov induction products. Read More

  • Daily use requirements and possible problems of commercial induction cooker

    Commercial induction cooker is becoming more and more common in all types of commercial kitchens. For the novice user, it is very common to have problems in an application. To operate commercial induction cooktops proficiently, users must understand in detail the daily use of commercial induction cooker tips, operating cautions, and safe use of the knowledge.

  • Tips About Purchasing Commercial Induction Cookers in Bulk

    Commercial kitchenware is generally wholesale, so manufacturers are very important. More attention should be paid to the qualification of the manufacturers.

  • Event review: 2018 Young Master Chef Ranking Competition

    People can see the logo of Qinxin in almost all major chef competitions in China. In September, 2018 Young Master Chef Ranking Competition was held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. As the designated electromagnetic cookware, commercial induction cookers from Qinxin company went into the s

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As a Professional Commercial Induction Hob Manufacturer, Lestov Official Website Provides Advanced and Professional Commercial Induction Cookers, Induction Cooktops, Burners, Stoves, Hobs and More Custom Induction Cooking Ranges for Kitchen, Which are Growing Your Business. Action to Know More!

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