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Best Commercial Induction Cookers
As the first commercial induction hob manufacturer in China since 2003Lestov provides various commercial induction cookers for your kitchen catering business, including commercial induction stoves, commercial induction cooktops, commercial induction burners, hobs range, commercial pasta cooker, steamer, induction fryer commercial, and commercial griddle, etc. We expect to get you as our distributor. Buy in bulk from commercial induction hob manufacturer at factory direct price!
Why Choose Lestov as the Supplier
Factory Direct Prices
Lestov, an experienced commercial induction cooktop manufacturer in China, offers the most affordable commercial induction cooker price and guarantees the available highest quality.
17 Years of Experience
We are a leading certified manufacturer of commercial induction cookers since 2003, mastering the core technology and always being recognized by professional chefs.
technical support from Lestov factory
Free Technical Support
Lestov commercial induction hob manufacturer provides the installation&maintenance guides and troubleshooting strategies to ascertain the best course of use and remedial actions.
Leading manufacturer
Based on 2,0000 ㎡ factory,
Focus on induction technology
Superior to heart
Senior craftsman spirit,
Professional quality
Popular trust
Exported to 50+ countries,
Approved by restautants' chefs
Why Use Commercial Induction?
Facts Learned from Lestov Induction
  • 1. How does a commercial induction cooktop work?
    Commercial induction cookers transfer the electric energy via the pure copper coil to the metal container ferromagnetic through induction, provide direct heat for the cookware, and then transfer the radiant energy.
    Lestov uses step breakdown to help you understand the working principle of commercial induction cooktops.

    1.The power input
    It is necessary to match the applicable stable voltage to keep the commercial induction cooker energized.

    2.IGBT Module processing
    The circuit board system inside the IGBT module will output high-frequency alternating current.

    3.Induction coil
    Alternating current flowing through copper coils generate a high-frequency dynamic magnetic field above the cooktop's surface (usually heat-resistant glass-ceramic). The electromagnetic eddy current cause when the magnetic field is in contact with the induction cookware and violently rubs against the metal molecules inside the induction cookware.

    4.Pot heating
    Electromagnetic friction makes the inner molecules of the induction cookware vibrate so that the pan generates heat,  heat the food in the metal container. If the bottom of the induction cookware is too thin or the size is too small (cannot provide enough resistance for the current), heating will be ineffective.

    5.Magnetic switch
    Controlled by the magnetic switch, the heat setting can change instantaneously during cooking. The higher the power, the faster the heating speed. Without detecting the pan, the heating stops instantly.
  • 2. Any hesitation over switching from the gas to commercial inductions?

    Making the switch may depend on whether the restaurant owner is ready to change your commercial kitchen and considering your chefs' thoughts. Usually, there are no visual clues of where the burner is, such as physical hot surfaces, red coils, or physical flame, making chefs confused and wary of trying.


    Once chefs and restaurant owners better understand what induction cooking is and the benefits they can bring to the kitchen, they are more likely to try this innovative technology.


    Start learning the advantages of commercial induction ranges:

    Much safer: In addition to the cool touch of the glass surface, commercial induction cookers provide additional safety features, including fully enclosed assembly protection, precision circuit protection, intelligent program protection, safe power supply protection, spin-type fan heat dissipation, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheat protection, waterproof grade protection.


    Efficient cooking: The energy efficiency of the induction cooktop is as high as 90-95%, so the cooking food is twice the speed of traditional cooking.


    Energy-saving: Compared with gas or electric stoves, commercial induction burners radiate less heat into the kitchen air, which reduces the need to use exhaust fans or air conditioning energy.


    Easy-to-clean: The glass-ceramic surface and the all-stainless steel panel design combined with induction technology make cleaning easy.

  • 3. Factors to consider while buying commercial induction cookers
    Factor 1: Temperature Control
    Combined with gas cooktops' temperature responsiveness, commercial induction cookers work safely through the pulsing on and off method. It will repeat the process until reaching the desired temperature. However, the problem with a low-quality induction cooker is that it can not reach the high temperatures required for specific dishes, which affects the taste of the food unless you set it to maximum power.  So if you want to cook at low to mid-temperature, they will be a complete disaster.

    So whenever you are trying to make top-quality food at your restaurant, it won't be a good option. Always go for the top models from the reputed commercial induction manufacturers. Usually designed with different power settings, the best quality commercial inductions allow changing temperature quickly, which will give you much flexibility. Also, check the pulsing technique that they have used on the device.

    Factor 2: Button VS Knob Controls
    When you are using induction cookers at home, you should go for the stylish and easy-cleaning button options. If you're in the middle of cooking and wearing gloves, you can't use the touch control without removing gloves, which seems a bad experience. 

    Nevertheless, when it comes to professional cooking, knob control is the thing that you need most. The knob is faster than the temperature-adjusting button, which provides functional convenience. In the commercial cooking process, quick operation is an essential factor affecting the dishes' exquisiteness, which cannot be ignored.

    Factor 3: Buy From Trusted Places Only
    Whenever you search for commercial induction equipment, you will get tons of sites that are selling commercial equipment. 

    However, they are not. We are using "commercial" as a marketing term. A cost-cutting technique employed in some cases of an induction cooktop is to mix copper wire with a cheap material to keep the manufacturing costs low. A result is that induced magnetic induction will not be healthy to cook speedily or evenly. Make sure they have certified pure copper wire. 

    We suggest that our readers always get their products from reputable sources. For example, you can check the official website of Lestov.

    Factor 4: Warranty 
    Commercial induction devices are durable if you get it from a reputed business. However, always remember that you are investing this money in your business, so it must have a warranty. Before ordering, carefully read through all the terms and conditions from the manufacturer. Moreover, be sure what their warranty is covering. Moreover, go for the highest warranty.

    That is all. We hope you have already know how to get the right commercial induction equipment. We suggest always go for the top products from a highly trusted manufacturer. 
  • 4. Professional tips from the manufacturer: how to judge the quality of commercial induction cooktops

    From a professional point of view, Judging the quality of the induction cooker mainly comes from the following factors:

    (1) Actual power and rated power difference
    The induction cooker label indicates the rated power, which is the maximum power for the equipment's regular operation. Its primary role is to calculate the electrical load. The real power is the wattage used to drive the load on the motor. 

    The induction cooker's actual capacity is less than its rated power, not an industry secret. The chip program will make the power reduced to prevent internal core components from damaging due to too high temperatures. The higher the induction component's quality, the better the heat dissipation channel, and the smaller the difference value between the actual power and the rated power.


    (2) Induction core component module

    High-quality components provide excellent performance guarantees. Commercial induction cooking equipment that uses German "Infineon" IGBT for induction cooking systems has much stronger stability and reliability.


    (3) Induction coil
    The difference in induction coils' performance depends mainly on the following key elements: the coil materials, the coil diameter, the coil turns, and the magnetic strips. Here are details what you do not know:
    -Pure copper coils have more substantial thermal efficiency than other materials (aluminum or copper-clad aluminum), but at a higher cost of purchase;
    -The bigger the coil diameter, the larger the heating zone;
    - The more quantity of coil turns and magnetic strips, the better performance the inductance;
    -The thicker the wire, the greater the current-carrying capacity.

    At the Lestov factory, all commercial induction hobs are made of full pure copper coil, which has over 95% thermal efficiency, can withstand high temperature about 300 degrees, and has overheating protection function, significantly improving the durability and safety of induction cooking.


    (4) Glass-ceramics top
    If you are looking for commercial-grade induction hob plates, buy high strength glass-ceramics. Lestov factory uses 5A+ grade or Germany "SCHOTT" glass-ceramics. An exciting result comes from our experiment: when we put the 700 degrees glass-ceramics into 0-degree water, the glass is still intact.


    (5) Body material of commercial induction cookers
    You can understand by looking at the appearance of the product. A high-quality induction cooker is made of all stainless steel, and the higher the thickness, the higher the weight and the higher durability.


    (6) Product surface treatment
    The surface of the product is very important for understanding the manufacturer's process capability and product quality.


    (7) Safety control program

    These protection programs include precision circuit protection, fully enclosed assembly protection, safe power supply protection, cooling fan protection, overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat protection, ultra-high temperature protection, ultra-low temperature protection, anti-dry burning protection, and water shortage Alarm protection, etc.


    (8) The intelligent temperature control system

    Via intelligent control to the time and temperature, it can ensure the safety of the cooking equipment and the taste of the food. Even though It is not a standard configuration of each commercial induction cooker, you can custom these functions from a professional manufacturer.

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