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How Can Choose A Commercial Induction Cooker?

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How Can Choose A Commercial Induction Cooker?

How can choose a commercial induction cooker?


1. Number of people dining

Classified according to power, we generally classify 3500w and 5000w induction cookers into one category. This type of commercial induction cooker can cook meals for up to 15 people at one time and is suitable for small restaurants, private kitchens, restaurants, and other places with a small number of diners.

Commercial induction cookers with a power of around 8kw and 12kw are suitable for hotels, chain restaurants, and other places.


2. Material

 People are increasingly pursuing efficient and fast cooking methods, and commercial induction cookers have become a powerful tool in many commercial kitchens.

 However, when choosing a commercial induction cooker, we need to consider the quality of its material.

 Lestov manufacturer's products all use German Infineon IGBT modules.This high-quality movement not only ensures the safety and thermal efficiency of the product but also ensures the heating speed of the machine, making cooking more convenient and efficient.

 In contrast, some inferior analog chips cannot withstand the test of high temperature and humidity, and may even burn out or even strike due to high temperatures!

Therefore, when choosing a commercial induction cooker, it is crucial to choose a high-quality movement.



We generally use double-layer thickened pure copper wire reels. This kind of high-quality pure copper wire coil can make the induction cooker heat more evenly.


4.Ceramic glass countertops

When choosing a thickened ceramic glass countertop, consider that ultra-thin ceramic glass is not resistant to high temperatures and has poor load-bearing capacity. The products produced by Lestorf can withstand temperatures above 700 degrees and use thickened ceramic glass heating plates.

It can adapt to different kitchen environments. As far as we know, among the induction cookers currently on the market, there is a 20% chance that the microcrystalline panel material is too thin or too low.


5. Brand

Choosing a high-quality brand is crucial. Commercial induction cookers have strict technical requirements. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a manufacturer with a well-known reputation and a professional after-sales team.

Only those brands with reliable quality and recognized by customers can guarantee the stability and durability of the equipment.

Lestov manufacturers adhere to rigorous craftsmanship and professionalism to provide customers with high-quality products and services, focusing on user experience.


6. Energy


The whole world is paying attention to the topic of energy conservation and environmental protection. You are used to using traditional gas stoves, but you may not know much about gas stoves.

The energy efficiency of using a traditional gas furnace is only 40% because half of the energy is consumed.

Using a commercial induction cooker will save you money because the energy usage rate of commercial induction cookers is as high as 95%.

For large restaurants, factories, etc., where there is a huge amount of cookingusing traditional gas stoves will waste a lot of energy in the long run.

The initial purchase cost of a commercial induction cooker may be high, but we can save the initial purchase cost in about two years because commercial induction cookers help you save energy costs every day.



7.Ease of cleaning

Commercial induction cooktops are easy to clean. You only need to clean the glass surface and stainless steel pan with a gentle wipe.

Traditional gas stoves require the addition of detergent to remove oil stains. For restaurants that cook a lot, cleaning cooking tools can be a hasslecommercial induction cookers can save chefs time. space

The convenience of commercial induction cookers is that they do not require cumbersome smoke exhaust facilities and heat insulation devices, making them simple and practical.

This innovative design not only saves space in the kitchen but also brings greater freedom and comfort to the kitchen.

 Commercial induction cookers follow the trend. Research shows that after 2024, the market share of commercial induction cookers will increase by 10%, and will continue to grow. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

 We advocate green living, and commercial induction cookers coincide with our philosophy.

In Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, we launch works suitable for cooking Asian cuisine.


 *LT-D600 Heavy Duty Kitchen Equipment Single Commercial Induction Wok Cooker 




The LT-D600 heavy-duty kitchen equipment single commercial induction wok is designed for Asian cuisine. It can work continuously for ten hours, a good helper for chefs. This LT-D600 Heavy Duty Kitchen Equipment Single Commercial Induction Wok Cooker also has complete safety functions such as an automatic power-off protection function to protect the safety and health of cooks.



*Countertop Commercial Double Induction Cooker 3500 Watt 

1 (5) 

The 3500-watt desktop commercial double induction cooker has eight different power settings, which can be switched from low to high settings to meet cooking requirements.

 The 3500-watt desktop commercial double induction cooker is equipped with 2 sets of built-in twin-turbine high-frequency cooling fans to keep the kitchen environment cool while the chef is working.



*Commercial Stir Fryer Automatic Cooking Machine





This commercial automatic cooking machine can cook 3.5 kilograms of food in 10 minutes and is suitable for catering to 20 people. You can quickly switch to nine gears to adjust the cooking intensity of each dish. It also has a high-pressure water gun so that the chef can manually clean the food. residue. This Commercial Stir Fryer Automatic Cooking Machine comes with a non-stick wok for easy cleaning.


Contact Lestov for your one-stop restaurant cooking equipment service solution.





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