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Private Label Service

Some of our customers prefer to print on our commercial induction cooker products with private trademarks.


These types of customers who need private labels services come from the following two types:

(1) The Restaurant Owner

Since the equipment is only for their restaurants, they only ask to add their owned restaurant name or LOGO to the purchased standard model products.

(2) Agents or dealers

Sometimes it is called a "value-added reseller" by the manufacturer. They want to add commercial induction cookers to their existing business for sale but use their owned private label. The primary responsibility of the original induction cooker manufacturer (Lestov Factory) is the manufacturing process. Once the private brands and bulk order production contract are determined, the OEM factory will set up production lines to make sure it can deliver large volumes of products with customers' private labels in time, on quality, and at costs.


These private labels include but are not limited to brands, logos, company information, product manuals and nameplates, and packaging information. In general, customers need to provide source files. If not, the Lestov factory can afford ODM service (refer to your suggestions to design unique stickers).


As a leading manufacturer of commercial induction hobs certification, we have established a stable distributor system in China and established partnerships in certain countries and regions (Costa Rica, India, Russia, New York, etc.). For global buyers, our team will provide remote technical training and maintenance and installation guidance services. In recent years, our company has begun to participate in the world's top exhibitions to promote our concepts, such as the Milan station in Italy in 2019 and the Chicago exhibition in the United States.


Suppose you have an absolute economic strength (especially brand influence) and want to start a commercial induction cooktops business or agents. In that case, we invite you to consider Lestov commercial induction products to help your private label project.


Please note that the private label service belongs to the scope of customized services, but it is only implemented for Lestov’s existing conventional standard series of products. For special equipment (unconventional products), please check the content of our equipment customization service.

Custom Equipment Service

Didn't find what you need from the displayed products? Can the existing products not meet your requirements?


The Lestov commercial induction factory only displays conventional standard products on the website. They have stable quality and spare parts inventory and can achieve large-scale bulk orders' manufacturing.


However, customization always exists. In China, more than 50% of commercial induction units are customized in the local due to the individualization of kitchen space and layout. These "unconventional" products require product engineers to evaluate feasibility and design unique example drawings before production. After fully communicating with you, they will make the necessary changes. Sometimes, they will request a fuller assessment of the video connection from the restaurant site to ensure that you can install new equipment in the building. These experienced technicians will know how to provide practical solutions.


The Lestov factory has strict documents to determine a customized product and the corresponding charging rules. All customization costs are the addition of labor costs and material costs, including changes in furnace size, increased functions, and changes in appearance and structure, unique glass customization, quirky accessories (unique material soup bucket or valve switch installed on the soup bucket), and unconventional power, etc.


Compared with conventional products, all customized products are subject to stricter quality control before leaving the factory, and the test time is doubled or more.


When you buy new kitchen equipment, make sure it fits the space you have. If you have any customized ideas or special needs, please contact us.

Spares Supply Service

Unlike private label services and custom equipment services, spares supply services are only available to those who have purchased our commercial induction cookers. All induction cooker equipment from the Lestov manufacturer has a unique control program design, which means that we do not accept separate induction cooker accessories for sale.


Any electronic product has a service life. However, the Lestov factory uses high-quality electromagnetic components to provide an excellent performance guarantee. When you encounter a problem that is "easy to fix," the Lestov team can provide troubleshooting strategies (documents or videos) to help you solve the problem. However, when the internal core components are damaged, you need spare parts to replace them.


Usually, when restaurant owners buy our electromagnetic equipment, we recommend ordering the corresponding core accessories for their equipment to avoid the embarrassment of business suspension caused by the malfunction. For distributors or agents that cooperate with customers, spare parts supply service is the content that must be discussed, plus free technical training and remote after-sales guidance support.


Each Lestov product has a complete inventory of the movement bill of materials to suit the buying product type. All accessories have been strictly tested before entering the warehouse. Our suggestions on the accessories order attached to the order are derived from our years of after-sales experience.


Therefore, let Lestov do these manufacturing jobs that require professional technology and equipment, allowing you to focus on marketing and business development!

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