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Why install commercial induction cooktops to commercial restaurants?

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Why install commercial induction cooktops to commercial restaurants?

I have worked in many kitchens with both gas and electric stoves and had a mixed experience. What I found was that gas stoves, although deemed superior, could not quite handle the brief scene in a restaurant kitchen. I believe electric induction cooking surfaces are the unsung star in a commercial kitchen.

Induction stoves offer all the benefits you get from a gas stove and takes away the hassle of maintaining it. Many of my colleagues are shifting to this cooking method because of both the health benefits and cooking efficiency. You can find some fantastic deals on commercial induction cooktops here.

If you are still unsure whether you want an induction stove for your kitchen, the following section of the article might be able to convince you.

How does induction cooking work?

The induction cooker gets its name since it heats your pan through magnetic induction using electric currents. On a traditional gas stove, this process is made done through thermal conduction. It takes time to heat up. However, with the induction cooktop, the process is instantaneous.

A copper coil is present under the cooking surface through which an electric current passes. That creates a magnetic flow in the cable and transfers it to the pan, converting it to heat energy. Induction cookers do not use any outside heat source for their heating purpose.

These devices are highly efficient in energy conversion. When compared to gas stoves, the energy conversion is much higher in an induction cooker. The pots or pans that you place on the surface are heated evenly with an induction cooktop.

How does an induction cooker work

Why install induction cooktops in commercial restaurants?

If you have ever been in the kitchen of any commercial restaurant, you would be surprised how hectic it can get. The stove is running all the time, staff running around preparing ingredients and lots of shouting. Gas stoves in a situation like this is not an ideal tool economically.

The following points are where a commercial induction cooktop trumps over a gas stove in a restaurant environment.


Safety is a primary concern in any kitchen. In the hectic environment of the kitchen, the stove must be safe to operate. With a gas stove, there are a lot of risks involved, especially in a commercial restaurant. If a cylinder explodes due to an unfortunate accident, the result would be disastrous.

You eliminate this issue with an induction cooktop. Since it runs on electrical energy, there is no chance of causing an explosion. With the heat being transferred directly to the pan, you do not have to worry about anything catching fire.

induction cooktop griddle-cooking steaks in restaurant

Cooking Speed

When you are cooking on an electric induction stove, the time it takes is much shorter than a gas stove. In the foodservice industry, time is money. The faster you cook, the more food you can serve, and the more profit you can generate.

An electric induction cooktop transfers heat directly to the pan metal and saves you a lot of heating time. Due to the even distribution of temperature on the cooking surface, you get an excellent foundation to work. For this reason, it is the perfect device for any professional chef.

Fast cooking Speed-chefs like induction cooktops

Energy cost saving

Choosing a commercial induction cooktop can save a lot of energy costs. Not only do gas stoves require a lot of fuel costs, but also they have a lower energy conversion rate that only 55 percent heat transferred to the pan. That does not make gas stoves very energy efficient.

On the other hand, commercial induction stoves deliver about 90 percent of energy to the pan, which is considerably higher than gas. Additionally, induction cooktops come with standby features that turn on low-energy mode as soon as you remove the pan from the surface.

Environmental policy

A restaurant kitchen must keep clean and healthy. That is true for every restaurant that cares about the health of customers and its staff. Gas stoves emit harmful vapors that can cause some problems when exposed to this environment for an extended period.

Commercial induction cooktops do not come with such nuance. It keeps the environment clean and does not have any side effects. There is no grease for you to worry about because induction can bring a clean energy source for your food cooking, which keeps your kitchen neat and fresh.

Cleaning time

With induction stoves, the cleaning and maintenance time drastically reduced. With gas stoves, you have to open the grill, clean out the grease, polish the grates, and take care of many other factors. You are looking at a whole day of work with cleaning gas-powered cooking surface. 

However, with the electric induction stove, you need to remove the cloth and wipe the device clean. It is that simple. Induction cooktops save you a lot of time on cleaning so that you can get back to cooking as soon as you want.

Installation time and cost

Installing a gas stove is a complicated process. First, you need to make sure that you have a running gas line underneath your compound. Then the cable must be connected to your kitchen stove and set to ignition. You are looking at a few long hours of installation time when going for gas stoves.

On the other hand, commercial induction cookers take less than an hour to get it up and run. All you need to do is bring the device into your kitchen, plug it in, and move it into place. The installation cost is also less than what you have to pay for gas stoves. It is so simple that anyone with minimal experience can handle it.

Final Thoughts

I have found induction cooktops to be much more versatile compared to a gas stove in my experience. There is no excuse for choosing a gas stove over an induction stove in a commercial setting.

Even for home use, I would suggest going for induction cooking. It is safer, reliable, and more affordable, which can take your cooking skills to the next level.

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