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What cases are not covered by the warranty for induction cooktops?

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What cases are not covered by the warranty for induction cooktops?

For keep our customer's facilities operational, we offer fast response and quality support. We offer 1 year warranty for 220v Lestov induction cookers and offer 2 years for 380v upright induction stoves and cookers. However, there are some cases that are not covered by the warranty.


(Note :If the cooker is in warranty, we offer this service at no charge as long as the defective cooker is determined to have failed under the terms and conditions of the limited warranty. To initiate a replacement, please directly get in touch with our representative or mail We will deal with your needs soon.)


One: Wrong usage of stock pot (Not covered by the warranty)

(1) The size of the stock pot——if it's bigger than the electromagnetic induction surface, there will be potential hazards such as heating slowly and higher current; if it’s smaller, the induction surface of the stove will be heated unevenly to generate high temperature, cause in failure or even burn the electromagnetic induction surface or coil.

(2) The material of the stock pot——For example, if using the stainless steel stock pot on 380V flat tabletop induction cooker which will cause heat slowly and high heat release and damage to components such as IGBT and coil; using the stainless steel stock pot on 220V flat tabletop induction cooker will cause potential damage such as power drop and overheat protection.


Two: Wrong usage of power supply (Not covered by the warranty)

(1) Failure to follow the product instructions for wiring errors resulting in damage to the components of the product

(2) The voltage of User side is too low or too high

(3) Failure to follow the product instructions to cause leakage, tripping, etc.

(4) The user’s air (leakage) switch is broken, the power is not enough, and the cable is too small to load enough to cause tripping


Three: Wrong usage of using environment (Not covered by the warranty)

(1) The user puts the product in a position too close to the wall or there is a high heat generating device nearby, which causes poor heat dissipation and overheating protection.

(2) The environment of the user’s kitchen is bad, such as mice, cockroaches, grease, etc.


Four: Wrong usage of operating (Not covered by the warranty)

(1) The user removes the product filter during use, causing foreign matter to enter the downpipe, causing the drain valve to be stuck or blocked.

(2) The user uses the steamer, and scale deposit in the water tank is not cleaned in time, causing the scale to agglomerate, which causes damage to components such as IGBT and coil.

(3) During the use, the user found that the glass ceramics panel was broken and continued to use which cause damage to other components.

(4) The user doesn't clean the product air outlet (the air outlet, air inlet, oil and debris) in time, resulting in poor heat dissipation and overload of the fan.

(5) After the end of the day's work, some of the user will thoroughly clean the kitchen. Some customers will use the water pipe to directly clean the product, which will cause the product can’t be used properly the next day, and may also destroy the internal components of the product.


Five: Wrong usage of operating some types of product (Not covered by the warranty)

(1) Automatic induction soup cooker——The diameter of the soup bucket used by many customers is much larger than the glass ceramics of the product, which makes the cooker increase the load. If working for a long time in this situation, the product will not work properly. The bottom of the stock pot is not wiped dry or if there are any foreign matter there causes the glass ceramics panel to be damaged or broken.

(2) Teppanyaki Induction griddle——During the use, the oil tank is not cleaned in time, causing the oil tank to leak oil into the product. Due to the high temperature inside the product, the waste oil will volatilize and attach to the surface of the electronic component in a short time, so that cause the electronic component Short circuit or poor contact, such as (OMRON thermostat).

(3) Products with temperature control——These products have been set at the factory and don't need to be reset. Customers only need to adjust the temperature according to their needs. Some customers are curious and set the thermostat incorrectly without carefully reading the instruction manual. And cause formatting or locking, resulting in repairs.

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