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Advantages of commercial induction stoves

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Advantages of commercial induction stoves

The commercial induction stove is a new type of stove that was newly invented in the commercial kitchen market. It uses an open flame-free cooking method that converts electrical energy into heat, which is used to heat and cook food for the purpose of cooking. As the name suggests, commercial induction cooker refers to the induction cooker used in commercial kitchens. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort, safety, no open flame, good health for chefs, short heating time and fast cooking. It is also known as the god of cooking. "and "green stove".

Environmental protection: There is no combustion exhaust, combustion smoke emission, no noise, no reactive heat energy discharge. When traditional coal, petroleum gas, and gas are burned, the heat is dissipated due to the combination with the oxygen in the air, so that the room temperature is rising, the kitchen fumes are increasing, and harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide are released, which affects human health. The commercial induction cooker has been used to clean the kitchen and protect the environment.

Energy saving: The electromagnetic thermal efficiency is above 98%, and the thermal efficiency of fuel and gas is between 20% and 45%. High efficiency: The heating speed is fast and the temperature is controllable! In the course of human development, the heating method has evolved from wood, carbon, oil, gas, and electricity. The induction cooker adopts the most advanced electromagnetic heating technology, and changes the subjective understanding that people think that the electricity temperature is not high. Induction cooker firepower is strong enough, enough, when the temperature is high, the pot will be on fire, the fried dishes are full of gas, not inferior!

Comfortable: User-friendly design, easy operation, gear adjustment switch is easy and convenient. Fried, boiled, stewed and superb, the product is simple and convenient to use, and the whole kitchen environment is cool and comfortable.

Safety: Since the induction cooker coil and the pot body are not in direct contact, but are heated by electromagnetic induction, there is no danger of electric leakage. The heating coil of the induction cooker itself has a magnetic strip display, and the pot body absorbs and absorbs the magnetic lines of force, and is shielded by the metal casing so that it does not cause harm to the human body.

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