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Why do commercial induction cookers need multiple protection?

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Why do commercial induction cookers need multiple protection?

Commercial induction cookers have been a revelation since the turn of the century. They are efficient, fast, and easy to use. They can be found in virtually 1 out of every 10 homes now. But are they safe? Are commercial induction hob manufacturers taking note of the necessary safety measures needed to ensure these cookers are safe for use?


Induction Cooktops Need Induction Ready Cookware

For you to be able to cook with a commercial induction cooktop, your cookware we to be made of materials that are actually induction ready. Basically, only materials that can attract a magnet, works on the induction cooker. Don't try to place anything other than that on your cookers, commercial induction hob manufacturers advise against such.

For best use, you can choose stainless steel and cast iron materials for your cookware. Avoid non-magnetic!


The majority of the new commercial induction cookers have sensors. These sensors can actually detect the type of cookware used and adjust heat given out accordingly. With that, if you were to place an empty vessel on the cooktop, it will turn off automatically.

These days, owning to the kind of dangers attached to some commercial induction cookers, commercial induction hob manufacturers now make their products to be truly safe. This they do with features that further enhance safety and ease of use.

These features are going to be discussed below.


Control dials

The majority of the current commercial induction cookers have control dials that handle more than one element. This is to help in case of emergencies. Some come with a urgent pause button which enables you to pause your cooking midway through leak or spills. The beauty is virtual all the buttons get locked when the pause button is pushed.

Only the power button remains active when this pause is triggered, of course, this is to ensure your machine can get turn off should the pause button get jammed.


Temperature control

Most commercial induction hob manufacturers make their cooktops with advanced safety sensors that monitor the temperature. These sensors detect the temperature at a cookwares bottom and auto-adjusts it's heat output accordingly in other to prevent burning or damage to the user.

Note that virtually all the commercial induction cookers available have a safety cut off feature. This is what cuts off power from the cooking zone without altering the temperature.

Now for your safety, the time required for the safety cut off basically depends on your cooktop settings.

For people who need cooking for longer periods like the chef, it's very important to choose commercial induction cooktops with longer safety cut off periods.


Overcurrent protection

The current in your cookers induction coil can increase tremendously if you place an object that is non-ferromagnetic.

When this happens you run the risk of damaging your induction cooker and harming yourself. To prevent this extremely fast rise in temperature, there is a current control in the coil that helps.

The moment the needed current is exceeded, the generator in charge gets blocked. Once this is done, you can only release by switching off the cooking zone involved.  The lack of overcurrent protection can easily damage your induction cooker or even cause an accident if you use the normal induction pot.


Overvoltage protection

Commercial induction hob manufacturers make sure to insert overvoltage protection to their machines. This way, when the voltage reach limits within the induction cookers are reached, they automatically switch off. This works for both low-voltage and high-voltage.

There are lots of other features in commercial induction cooktops that ensure maximum safety while using. These include the Auto heat up, boosters, etc.


Auto Heat-up

The Auto heat-up feature enables food to get heated at quite high settings and then switches off automatically while returning to a lower setting. These machines come with preset menus that make the whole process very easy hence you don't need to constantly change settings.


Warm Function

These work just like the Auto heat-up feature but instead of turning off, the commercial induction cooker remains on while automatically coming down to a lower setting.


Overflow control

This safety feature helps control the induction cooker's reaction when there are food spills or overflowing liquids while cooking. The cooker shuts down automatically allowing you to clean the spills before continuing.

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