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Buying guide of best commercial induction cookers

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Buying guide of best commercial induction cookers

“Powerful, Precise, Immediate, Effective, Practical”

These five words best describe the performance of commercial induction cookers.


As induction cooking matches the traditional cooking style and easy to operate, commercial induction cooktops are highly effective in the hands of an experienced user. Moreover, the learning curve between them requires little transitions.


It is worth knowing the following considerations if you are sourcing commercial induction cookers for your restaurant.

1) A suitable induction cooktop for commercial use requires extensive knowledge and research.

2) The availability of commercial induction burners can be overwhelmed.

3) The commercial-grade induction cookers vary from the general household induction hobs in several compartments.


When saying "commercial" in China, it means that power is no less than 3500w. "Commercial-grade" induction cookers are more durable and can withstand the greater weight. Besides, it can handle multiple heating applications while reducing cooking time.


There are still many considerations needed to take into account in choosing a suitable induction cooking equipment for your restaurant and importing from China.


The first W of commercial induction cookers


“Why” get an induction cooker? 

If you are new to the commercial induction cooker, it is crucial to understand how it operates and generate heat.


The commercial induction unit directly targets the bottom of the pan through electromagnetic fields. The magnetic field produces heat and transfers it onto the vessel, not the surrounding area, to avoid discomfort and safety hazards. Additionally, it does not use radiant heat, which reduces energy assumptions and improves the handling process. Therefore, the unique selling point of the induction cooker is safety, easy operation, environmental protection, and low energy consumption. In conclusion, induction cookers benefit restaurant owners operating costs in the long-run.


Commercial induction cookers only work with cookware that contains iron metal. The easiest method to determine whether the cookware contains mental is to be placed a magnet on the bottom of the pan and check if it sticks. The stronger the magnet, the larger the induction, which transmits a faster heating process.


Furthermore, many professional chefs have adopted induction cookers commercial. Some have even sworn not to use traditional cooking style again because of the comparative advantage of induction cookers. 

Commercial induction kitchen equipment

So, what should you account for while choosing the best commercial induction cooker in China?

Ø The heat range and the cooking power

One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing the right commercial induction cooker is to consider cooking power. Quick liquid boiling and high heat searing are the criteria many Chinese restaurants' owners consider.


Additionally, the induction cooker has its advantage in heating consistency. It has a higher response rate and precise temperature control, allows for quick maneuver from high to low heat and vice-versa.


It also accounts for precision, easy to use in simmering food at a high temperature. Moreover, the heat spreads out consistently onto the cookware. A high heat capability induction cooker is imminent significant, as restaurants require the ability to serve multiple at once.


Ø The commercial -induction ranges

Buying a commercial-used induction cooker is different from a household one. These induction cookers have different purposes and target audiences. Commercial-used induction cooker allows for heavy-duty configurations and seamless incorporating kitchen equipment. Additionally, present you with a sustainable and efficient cookline. Furthermore, commercial induction cookers benefit people in cost efficiency, reliability, flexible functionalities, efficient space layout, and design, to improve productivity and enhance the working environment.

 grilling steak in restaurant-Jos Theys

Ø Reliability 

A reliable brand name is critical for choosing a premium quality induction cooker. From the quality of the raw materials to the build and the ease of maintenance and repair. These all count towards consideration of a premium brand. However, only reliable brands offer a comprehensive warranty and precise after-sale service. Qx.cooker is one of the most reliable commercial induction cooktop manufacturers in China. As restaurants will soon become chaos if a cooker malfunction during its peak hours. Uncover warranty might lose potential clients and result in a bad reputation.


Ø Design

Most people don’t realize that kitchen design can improve restaurant productivity and profit. An efficient Kitchen layout allows minimizing kitchen space and easy to maneuver. Some companies offer custom-designed benched induction cooktops to maximize the kitchen space and present a clean layout. 


Ø Flexible functionality 

Furthermore, the induction cooker should also match different cooking styles. Many chefs who avoid induction cookers think it will limit their cooking techniques, which are not true. It is all about choosing the right commercial equipment. Induction cooktops match with various cooking technics and benefit chefs to extend their creativity but not limit them. Additionally, having the right induction cooker allows the master chef's skills to shine brighter.


A reliable induction cooker with flexibility eliminates the need for multiple appliances. Furthermore, the induction cooker could also provide extra space when not in use.


Many commercial induction cookers are made in China today, providing customers with overwhelming choices. Thus, recognizing a reliable brand is critical in choosing a commercial induction cooker in China.

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