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Wonderful Induction Solution for Meal Delivery Program

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Wonderful Induction Solution for Meal Delivery Program

In addition to caring about masks and forehead guns, the automatic cooking machine has received unexpected attention and consultation.


Since the pandemic of coronavirus, most countries have locked down.  Except for those markets providing daily necessaries to citizens, all public areas, like shops, restaurants, parks..., were not allowed for open. Business owners are facing the biggest challenge of survival, especially the restaurant industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused catastrophic impacts on the restaurant industry, as all people are staying at home and no one would go out to have meals. The industry is to lose billions in revenue. One of our clients in the catering industry shared with us a calculation, for his losses occurred during coronavirus, he will need at least a 5-year business to cover the loss. It's only to cover the loss, not for benefits.


To survive the crisis, all industries are trying to find solutions. And when people couldn't go out, online shopping becomes very hot, because the Internet becomes the only way for people to connect. Companies are in meeting online. Shops and stores try to sell their products online. As well as restaurants are sourcing their way which could be acted through the Internet, to receive orders online and deliver meals accordingly. In this way, some restaurants achieve reopening.


A big part of guests involved in the mail delivery program groups, such as caring homes, hospitals...So usually there are quite many portions needed in one delivery. For such type of food catering, maybe for restaurants using traditional cooking methods, it will be a bit hard to handle delivery orders in big amounts requests. 

Induction Solution from automatic cooking machine1

For such restaurants, I think we have a wonderful solution-commercial stir-fryer machine, which is a type of commercial induction cooker. A commercial induction stir fryer could cook several portions once, based on the machine type chosen. And a chef could operate 5 machines at the same time.


Stir-fryer type 1-buttons/knob controlling

Tabletop style, 3.5kW-5kW / 220V / 50Hz, different sizes of fryer barrel available, cooking productivity as in the below charts.


Characters: The most economical type.

Suggest this type for experienced chefs. The chef could control the cooking times and seasoning amount, as their experiences.

(1) Manually adjusting the frying barrel

Manually adjusting the frying barrel

(2) Frying barrel tilting automatically

Frying barrel tilting automatically

Stir-fryer type 2 -- touchscreen controlling

Tabletop style, 5kW / 220V / 50Hz, fryer barrel tilts automatically, intelligent voice prompt.


Characters: Memory function, intelligent voice prompt to remind cooking procedures.

With recorded menus, even staff without cooking experience could handle the machine and conduct the cooking. Saving more salary for restaurant owners.

100 menus can be recorded.

touchscreen controlling

touchscreen controlling 1

Stir-fryer type 3 -- Adding seasonings automatically

Barrel tilts automatically, 800 menus can be recorded, intelligent voice prompt to remind cooking procedures, with high-pressure cleaning gun.


Characters: Adding seasonings automatically, infrared ray monitoring test and control temperature.

Adding seasonings automatically 1

Adding seasonings automatically 2

Each type of stir fryer has its characters, economical or very intelligent, fulfilling different purposes. If you have a chef with much cooking experience, you could choose type 1, they are more economical and allow for more space for chef himself when cooking. If you couldn’t hire a good chef during this special period, you could choose intelligent types. Then a staff with a lower salary could also operate the machine and cook following the intelligent voice prompt.

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