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How about exploring and experiencing induction stir-frying with us?

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How about exploring and experiencing induction stir-frying with us?

The desire for food is part of human nature. There is a saying in China that "people take food for the sky".


The daily topic of a food hobbyist is usually like this: Where is the delicious hot pot? Where is the new restaurant chain opened newly? Today, let's talk about Chinese Stir-frying in induction cooktop .

Chinese cooking is deeply influenced by Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It is based on taste and takes health for the purpose. Medicine and food are homologous, emphasizing seasonal tonic and medicine diet. And there are many dishes, many genres, many styles of feasts, and the cooking methods are sophisticated, mainly including cooking methods such as frying, steaming, boiling, braising, stewing, and burning. The key to cooking is the pot gas. What is the pot gas? Pot gas refers to a charred odor of the raw material after coking reaction at high temperature. Pot gas is a very important criterion for judging small stir-fry. It consists of four indicators, which are hot, fast, dry and fragrant.


The rapid high-temperature stir-fry process is a unique feature of Chinese cuisine. After a fierce fire, and a quick stir fry, fresh ingredients quickly circulate between the steam in the air and the hot pot bottom. The appearance of the ingredients quickly produces aroma on the high-temperature pot, and the inside of the ingredients is just cooked, and it is hot in the mouth, and the aroma of the lips and teeth is overflowing. Full of pot gas is the soul of the stir-fry dishes.


Different from the traditional open fire cooking equipment, commercial induction cooker adopts induction heating technology, the heat is from the pot body directly and the temperature rise speed is rapid.

commercial induction wok stove

▲The chef is using commercial induction wok stove to stir-fry food.

Most of the ingredients contain compounds such as sugars, amino groups and carbonyl groups. By heating, the carbohydrate raw material undergoes a caramelization reaction, and a compound such as an amino group or a carbonyl group undergoes a Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction can occur at 20 °C, and the aroma of the food must be produced at a moisture content of 10% to 15%.


When the temperature rises to 180°C, the aroma becomes dull and the color brownish deepen. The caramelization reaction occurs at 140°C, producing two products: caramel and aromatic ketone. When the temperature rises to 230°C, the two products become bitter and the color of the food will be deepened. Experienced chefs are subtly using high-temperature stir-fry techniques to get the two conditions for food to react.

Maillard Reaction

▲The Maillard Reaction

Heavy duty high power induction stove manufactured by Smabo has a large heating area with even heat. Two-thirds of the concave pots are all heated, and the heating temperature is 400 degrees or more, far exceeding the temperature required for the Maillard reaction. Through the precise control of cooking temperature and time, it is easy to standardize the cooking dishes.

Commercial induction cooker

▲No blind zone test (please observe blisters in boiling water)

Today, Lestov induction cooktops are highly recognized by many chefs. We believe that with the further popularization of induction cooking equipment, no one will ask the question "Is the dish cooked in the electromagnetic cooker delicious?".

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