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Commercial induction cookers become necessary cooking equipment in kitchen

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Commercial induction cookers become necessary cooking equipment in kitchen

With the improvement of people's life, diners are more and more picky, not only pay attention to the taste of food, but also care about the safety of food. In recent years, the growing food safety problem has made ordinary people nervous. Everyone who eats at a restaurant has this concern: Is the food in the restaurant delicious and healthy?

In response to this problem, the reporter conducted an unannounced visit to the catering kitchen. The reporter secretly visited several large catering companies and found that the kitchens of these catering companies were clean and tidy. According to the executives of the catering industry, the catering company has implemented a strict induction cooking equipment system, and all kitchens use commercial induction cookers. The smokeless and non-exhaust emission characteristics of the induction cooker ensure the circulation of the air in the kitchen and the cleanliness of the environment, thus ensuring the safety of the food.

The technicians of Lestov induction cookers told reporters that ordinary heating equipment can easily lead to more smoke formation, polluting the kitchen environment and food safety. Commercial induction cooktops are easy to operate, easy to use, fast heating, high efficiency and energy saving, no open fire, no smoke, no exhaust emissions, good safety, and has become an essential cooking equipment in commercial kitchen in restaurants. 

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