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Advantages Of Automatic Cooking Machines

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Advantages Of Automatic Cooking Machines

Intelligence and technology are changing our lives step by step. For a commercial kitchen, the speed and quality of dish production are important. The catering industry is becoming increasingly saturated and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. Only by making restaurants smart can they keep up with the pace of the market.

While some restaurant owners are worried about hiring chefs, other decision-makers have already focused on the new and popular product of automatic cooking machines.

For just one-third of a chef's salary, you can get a robot that can work 24 hours a day. This is a very cost-effective business.


What are the benefits of using a cooking machine? Lestov manufacturers can give you some insights. Lestov manufacturers, who have more than 20 years of experience, have invested a lot of energy in automatic cooking machines. Let's follow Lestov's steps and enter the world of automatic cooking machines.

How does the automatic cooking machine work?

The automatic cooking machine consists of a heating base, a drum wok, a stirrer, a seasoning tube and a control panel.


Before cooking, we set the recipe: the cooking steps of the recipe, the heating temperature and time.


When the automatic cooking machine starts working, the heating base brings heat to the bottom of the pot. At this time, the voice robot will remind you to pour the ingredients into the drum wok, and the stirrer will start working according to the set recipe, and finally make standardized delicious dishes.



Automatic cooking machines have too many advantages. As a new cooking equipment, they are more amazing in commercial kitchens than home kitchens.

The advantages of automatic cooking machines

-Safety and health

Automatic cooking machines use open flame technology. They will not emit toxic gases such as carbon monoxide when cooking like traditional gas stoves. On the contrary, they keep commercial kitchens fresh.


- Cost saving

If the restaurant uses a traditional gas stove, according to the regulations of some countries, you must lay safe and legal ventilation ducts, which means you have to invest in ventilation equipment. At the same time, as the catering industry is becoming more and more saturated, it is difficult for restaurants to hire an experienced chef in the short term. You might as well try an automatic cooking machine. Its purchase cost is only one-third of a chef's salary. Even an inexperienced restaurant waiter can operate three to five machines simultaneouslywhich can improve the efficiency of restaurant delivery during busy dining periods.


-High efficiency and energy saving

The automatic cooking machine uses electromagnetic induction technology, and its energy utilization rate is as high as 95%. It can make standardized meals within the specified time. Just think about it, many times we can only rely on experience to judge the cooking time of a dish and rely on taste to judge whether the food tastes good or not, and you cannot guarantee that the food will not have taste deviation. But the automatic cooking machine can set the precise cooking time, and perform programmed work according to the input recipe, and it will hardly have taste deviation! How important this is for chain restaurants, hotels, and canteens.


What type of food can be cooked with an automatic cooking machine?

Automatic cooking machines are suitable for almost all dishes that require stir-frying and stewing.


Sauce filling: For example, Indian restaurants use automatic cooking machines to stir sauces, and Western restaurants use automatic cooking machines to fry sauces.


Stewed dishes: Suitable for most restaurants with stewed dishes. You can use automatic cooking machines to stew meat, stew, etc. Its cooking speed and time can be adjusted.


Stir-fried dishes: This is the most widely used time for automatic cooking machines. Taking Asian dishes as an example, you can put various vegetables and meat into a drum-type wok, and then add seasonings to stir-fry. It is especially suitable for Asian restaurants, factory canteens, and other places.


Some concerns

- Is the automatic cooking machine stable to use?

The automatic cooking machine can work stably for 24 hours, and its lifespan is generally about 8-10 years. During the peak dining period, it can provide meals for more than 300 people within 3 hours and can ensure the stability of the taste of the food.


- How to choose a brand?

Since the automatic cooking machine is a new product in the market, you need to choose a brand with guaranteed quality. For example, the manufacturer Lestov invested in the research and development and production of automatic cooking machines in 2019 and has formed a product production line with stable quality. At the same time, it has a professional after-sales team and technical support to answer questions about automatic cooking machines at any time.


-Is the automatic cooking machine difficult to operate?

Using an automatic cooking machine requires a running-in period. After all, the machine works for you if you know it. You and the automatic cooking machine generally have a running-in period of one week to half a month. During this period, you need to understand the operation method and function of the machine, so that you can reach a tacit understanding in the long-term relationship and help the restaurant improve efficiency.




As an efficient cooking machine, the automatic cooking machine is worth knowing about. Contact Lestov to get more information about the automatic cooking machine.

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