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Commercial Stir Fryer Automatic Cooking Machine ESL-TGS30

One commercial automatic cooking machine usually can cook up more than 5 servings for meals in 3 minutes. Buy automatic stir fry machines to get fast cooking and hire fewer chefs to save money. Designed with stainless steel #304 material, save hours of cleaning every day. Imagine that a direct return on investment comes from an automatic stir fry cooker. Just try it!
  • ESL-TGS30

  • Lestov

Parameters Details:

Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine Stir-Fryer Cooker





Electric Requiremet

5000W, 220V, Single Phase

Drum Pot Size


Drum Pot Capacity


Packing Type

Wooden box


Satinles steel #409


1 year



Dumping Control Way



Fast food restaurants, cooking stations, catering, etc

Product Features:

  • Cook up food in 3 minutes or less. For fast food restaurants with a high proportion of takeaways, commercial automatic cooking machines should be the most economical choice.

  • From a labor cost perspective, a chef can operate 3 pieces of automatic cooking machines, which means that one restaurant can save at least 60% of the chef's cost per year.

  • For countries or regions where electricity costs are moderate, the automatic cooking machine can reach over 90% of the energy efficiency by induction cooking, which can save 48% of gas costs.

  • Easy to clean. A drum bucket is made with non-stick material and has a high-temperature resistance at 300 degrees. Designed with a dumped structure within 45-degree can avoid the possible risk of burns due to pouring down food.

  • The knob type switch on the left can control the rotary speed for food rollover. Driven by the AC motor, the rotary switch on the right can control the direction of the drum up and down for pouring out the food after cooking. Sliding-type 5 levels of firepower control make the operation so simple.

Product Details:







Why choose automatic cooking machine?

  • The multi-function key panel supports the pre-save of 8 recipes, which can be edited.

  • Automatic stir fry to achieve standardized, hygienic and healthy dishes, making 3.5KG in 3 minutes.

  • Non-stick drum frying pan, stir fry 360° evenly, easy to clean.

  • Multi-angle adjustable, control the angle of the wok through the handle.

  • The high-intensity water spray gun removes large particles of food residue and simplifies the cleaning process.

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