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How to use induction cookers?

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How to use induction cookers?

This is a common concern of the public. As the best induction cooker manufacturer in China, we friendly remind you using cookers in wrong ways.

Lestov induction cooktops are a common appliance in home & restaurant, which makes our life more convenient and comfortable. However, it will easily reduce its using life because of improper operation. Let’s check if you have any bad using habits for induction cookers.

Wrong practice 1: No cleaning after using an induction cooker

Many people forget to clean up an induction cooker after they use it, so that the panel is covered with dirt, water stains and other dirt. It will easily penetrate into the machine, causing pollution and short circuit if it doesn’t clean for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that the user wipe the surface with a dry rag immediately after use.

Wrong practice 2: Longstanding cooking with very high firepower

Instead of turning the power into maximum in order to cook faster, no matter steaming, boiling or cooking hot pot, you should follow the preset program to use. Longstanding Cooking with high heat will shorten the service life of induction cooker.

Wrong practice 3: Unplug immediately after using induction cookers

Don’t use an induction cooker for a long time, otherwise it will increase the burden on the induction cooker and damage the electric 

furnace wire. Don’t keep it open when you don't need it, especially when eating hot pot. In addition, Don’t immediately pull out after use, but turn off the power first, after it has cooled down then unplug the machine. 

Wrong practice 4: Put it at a damp place

Induction cookers should be placed at a dry and cool place when don’t use it. If it is too humid, it will cause the parts to get damp. And it will cause leakage or no power when using next time.

Warm tips: Get rid of the bad habits above and safer to use an induction cooker.

Kitchen equipment: Lestov induction cooktops

Before using induction cookers, please note below points:

1.Choose a superior induction cooker to use;

2.Good quality socket should be used;

3.Never use the induction cooker in a humid or near-flame area;

4. If reuse it after placed a period of time, it should be energized for 10 minutes to stabilize the internal electronic components of the induction cooker and then start up.


During using, please note these points:

1. The induction cooker should be place on a stable table when using;

2. People should try to keep a distance from the induction cooker while using;

3. Do not drop the item on the panel. If there is a crack on the surface, immediately turn off the power and repair it in time;

4. Minimize the continuous using time as soon as possible.

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