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High-power induction cooker for energy saving in the kitchen

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High-power induction cooker for energy saving in the kitchen

With the acceleration of living standards and industrialization, people's dependence on energy has gradually deepened. The doubling of primary energy extraction has placed a heavy burden on the environment. Uncontrolled, unregulated energy use has also brought enormous pressure on environmental air pollution, and air pollution has become the most talked about topic. According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Agency, the three main sources of PM2.5 in Beijing are: motor vehicle emissions account for 22%, coal combustion is about 16.7%, and industrial dust is about 15.8%.

There is no accurate statistics on the specific data of cooking and cooking sources after catering. However, according to Lestov commercial induction cooker, in the contribution of PM2.5, catering PM2.5 accounted for 6%.

The hazards of food fume:

The composition of the cooking fumes is very complicated, but the main ingredients are organic substances such as stupid and volatile nitrite. During cooking, edible oils and foods undergo thermal decomposition or cracking under high temperature conditions to form a mixture of gaseous, liquid and solid organic forms, both soot. In the food fume, more than 300 VOCs can be detected. Since most of the food and tobacco cigarettes are low-altitude and discharged near the ground, there is also a “sharing” of atmospheric particulate matter such as PM2.5, and PM2.5 can be directly formed after the oil mist is discharged, and VOCs can also be formed by chemical reaction in the air. PM2.5.

Ways to reduce cooking fumes:

1.In the cooking of the kitchen, the traditional cooking stove can not accurately control the heating temperature, and the heating temperature can not be quickly controlled. It is very common to stir and stir the high temperature. The edible oil is heated at a high temperature to generate a large amount of oil smoke. Therefore, the use of a high-power induction cooker with controllable time and temperature as a cooking device can effectively control the temperature of the edible oil below the smoke point.

2.When the cooking oil is heated to the smoke point, a large amount of oil fumes will appear. Using the cooking method of the traditional stove, because the oil temperature is uncontrollable, it is above the smoke point. Use cooking methods such as cold, steaming, boiling, and halogen to minimize the soot products.

3.Equipped with a well-drained fume fume hood and a quality-filled fume purifier for end treatment.

In addition to the cooking fumes, the fuel used in traditional stoves: when coal, liquefied gas or natural gas is burned, a large amount of heat is ineffectively distributed in the indoor environment, so that room temperature is rising, colleagues will release harmful CO/CO2/SO2, etc. Substance, affecting human health. The commercial induction cooker without open flame has no combustion exhaust gas, combustion smoke emission, no noise, and is an ideal choice for energy saving and emission reduction of the kitchen.

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