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Fire&Induction Cooktop in Human Civilization

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Fire&Induction Cooktop in Human Civilization

In the history of the development of human civilization, there has never been an invention that is as big as the fire. From open fire cooking to modern electromagnetic induction cooking technology and induction cooktop, the role and influence of fire cannot be ignored at every step of human civilization.

The evolution of human civilization is always accompanied by food culture. From drilling wood to make fire in old Chinese to the application of electromagnetic induction and electricity in the industrial revolution, the human activity space has been greatly expanded, and humans can cook food and take nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates.

drilling wood to make fire

China is the birthplace of one of the world's three major cooking systems. As early as 500,000 years ago, with the invention and use of fire, the Chinese began the history of the evolution of the food culture. Every advancement in technology will lead to a more efficient use of fire, while also promoting the evolution of the cooking process.

induction heating technology

The invention of pottery caldron made the cooking of water vapor appear; The invention of Bronze tripod laid the foundation for the diversification of Chinese cooking, and the Chinese treat Bronze tripod as a symbol of cooking in windy bonfire; The emergence of ironware has made China's culinary culture flourish; The diversity of Chinese cooking techniques has far-reaching influence in the world, such as Steaming, boiling, stewing, braising, stir-frying, frying, burning, slipping, etc.

induction cooking competition

However, in addition to civilization and light, people's understanding of fire also has the meaning of danger and destruction. The control and utilization of fire has become an important part of the history of human civilization. As one of the earliest manufacturers in China, Lestov induction cooktop has been committed to the research of induction heating technology and the cultural promotion of induction cooking competition since 2003. With the advancement of technology, how to use energy efficiently to promote the development of food culture has been a major issue for us.

Lestov induction cooktop

With the newly developed technology of "No heating dead angle", Lestov induction cooktop can reach 95% of thermal efficiency. It is worth mentioning that Lestov has gained the world green design international award issued by the world green design organization, and 5A grade for product quality issued by All-China federation of industry and commerce.

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