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Tips for using Lestov cookers: How to make it higher efficiency

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Tips for using Lestov cookers: How to make it higher efficiency

Induction cookers have more obvious advantages than common electric cookers. In the correct and reasonable use, induction cookers can achieve more energy saving and higher efficiency than ordinary cookers. Here are three tips for using Smabo cookers:


1.Choose the cooker with high electric heat transfer efficiency

Lestov induction cooktop is the perfect use of electromagnetic induction technology, alternating current through the wire disk under  the ceramic plate to produce magnetic field and produce eddy current, so that the pot quickly heats and cooks. Therefore, Induction cooker should use the container that the material with better conductivity, be like iron boiler, cast iron boiler, contain iron stainless steel boiler, or the boiler with iron material of the bottom. Smabo cookers are made of high quality stainless steel with excellent conductivity and heat transfer. At the same time, each induction cooker is configured with the most suitable boiler. It makes heat transfer efficiency is higher, less loss. Kitchen appliance induction stove can improve the efficiency of electric heat conversion and cook faster.

Cooking with Smabo cooker


2.Method is important when heating food

Do not heat chunk or integral as far as possible. You had better cut its small piece or thin strip. The larger the heated area of food, the faster the heating speed and the higher the efficiency. In addition, the size of food should be as close as possible, it would avoid the pot of food part overcooked and another part is raw, food cooking time will not be too long and waste efficiency.


3.Reasonable use of the power of each block

High power induction cooker heating speed is fast, but the power consumption is also large. When using induction cooker to begin to have heating to boiler, should use high power to heat first, such boiling is fast. When the pot is heated to boil, if there is no special requirements, should shift the power to a small gear so that the pot can keep boiling, especially in the cooking porridge, soup, hot pot, etc. Because the high power not only waste electricity, but also make the soup intense boiling in a great fire.

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