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Commercial Induction Deep Fryer Floor Style With Filtering System LT-ZLII

This commercial electromagnetic fryer can fry 27L of food, such as fried chicken, fried chicken steak, donuts, etc. The energy utilization rate is as high as 95%, which is especially suitable for large restaurants and hotels.

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Product Details:

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Product Sizes:

Freestanding commercial induction deep fryer 27L
Item Model: LT-ZL
Product Size: D450*W800*H800+150mm
Power: 8KW/10KW/12KW
Voltage: 380V, 3 phase

Net Weight

55 KG
Gross Weight 110 KG
Oil Tank Size: D360*W460*H180mm
Oil Tank Capacity: 27L
Switch Control Way: Knob
Warranty: 1Year
Package Way: Wooden Box


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Product Fearures:

  • Induction heating brings high efficiency for oil heating and food-producing and short recovery time. 9 gears knob switch provides multi-level firepower control, adapts to the cooking temperature requirements of different foods.

  • Omron thermostat provides precise temperature control. When the oil temperature is close to the preset temperature, thermostat control will slow down the heating speed and calibrate the temperature to the preset temperature.

  • With stainless steel drain valve makes the oil change and clean easier. 

  • Two stainless steel baskets ship with the deep fryer for free. Each can load-bearing 2.5kg of food and with font hook which very convenient for oil drain after cooking. You can choose one full-size basket which has a larger capacity and load-bearing

  • The design of the oil tank bottom has some movable elements such as a fryer screen. It can filter the sediment to prevent its carbonization help maintain the oil quality and also make the clean more convenient.

  • This model deep fryer is customizable, you can customize double tanks if you need or some other design, but you should first communicate with our business to determine whether it can be done.

Product Certificate:


Advanced induction heating technology:

Heat the food, don't heat the chef. Induction heating technology makes induction cookers generate only heat in the cooking pan itself, which means outside the pot there is no energy to heat the environment, also means you can reduce the use cost in the kitchen.

how induction cooker works

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