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Daily maintenance of high-power commercial induction cooker

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Daily maintenance of high-power commercial induction cooker

1. Ensure that the air holes are unobstructed. The induction cooker at work heats up as the pot heats up. therefore. When placing the induction cooker in the kitchen, ensure that there are no objects blocking the inlet and exhaust holes of the furnace. Do not pad (heap) on the side and bottom of the furnace body to place objects and liquids that may damage the induction cooker. Need to be reminded that when the induction cooker finds that its built-in fan does not turn during work, it should be immediately stopped and repaired in time.

2. Clean the stove to get the law Induction cookers, like other electrical appliances, should be waterproof and moisture-proof during use and avoid contact with harmful liquids. Do not put the induction cooker in water for cleaning and direct flushing with water, or use solvent or gasoline to clean the furnace surface or furnace body. Also, do not use hard tools such as metal brushes or abrasive cloths to wipe the dirt on the surface of the stove. Remove dirt and wipe it off with a soft cloth dampened with water. If it is oily, use a soft cloth dampened with a low concentration of detergent powder to wipe. Do not use cold water to wipe the furnace surface that is being used or just finished. In order to avoid the oil stain staining the furnace surface or the furnace body and reduce the cleaning workload of the induction cooker, when using the induction cooker, a paper slightly larger than the furnace surface, such as a waste newspaper, can be placed on the furnace surface to absorb the overflow and overflow of the cookware. The water, oil and other contaminants can be discarded after use.

3. The kitchen regularly eliminates some insects and other unsanitary animals such as cockroaches. You can also stick cockroach medicine or mothballs at the fan mouth at the bottom of the body, because cockroach likes the smell of rosin in the induction cooker line.

4. The pot at home is not available?

The principle of heating the induction cookeris special, and it is electromagnetic induction heating, so it is necessary to use magnetically conductive materials such as iron and stainless steel. It is best to use our specially-distributed pots, and if other alternatives are used, performance may be affected. And we use 304 and 430 stainless iron, the quality is much better than ordinary pots, so it is recommended to use our special pots.

5. What should I do if the induction cooker splashes water?

As long as water vapor or water droplets are on the surface of the induction cooker and do not flow into the interior of the induction cooker (generally water does not flow into the machine), it will not affect the normal operation of the induction cooker, and can be used with confidence.

6. How to do the electromagnetic oven panel yellow?

Imported NEG board and German SCHOTT glass board will not turn yellow discoloration, and domestic board will be slightly discolored if care is not taken care of. Note that the bottom of the pot should be kept clean every time you use it. Do not dry it. Use a toothpaste or detergent to clean it when it is discolored. Also, do not put a newspaper or the like on the panel.

7. How to clean the induction cooker fan?

For the fan's net cover, use a soft brush to scrub; for the internal cleaning of the fan involves disassembling the machine; if you need, I suggest you go to our after-sales outlet, our professional maintenance staff will clean for you; but The most important thing is to maintain a good environment.

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