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Why the glass-ceramic panel is used in the commercial induction cooker?

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Why the glass-ceramic panel is used in the commercial induction cooker?

Glass is widely used in modern times, and the continuous demand in the market is relatively large. Glass-ceramic refers to the base glass with a specific composition with or without a crystal nucleating agent. It is subjected to crystallization heat treatment under a certain temperature system, and a large number of tiny crystals are uniformly precipitated in the glass to form the dense micro multiphase composite of the crystalline phase and glass phase. Glass-ceramic, also known as microcrystalline jade, is mainly used in commercial induction cookers, high power commercial induction cooktops, commercial induction hobs, and other products.


Through the use of specific treatment methods, not only can make full use of the characteristics of glass but also can make up for its defects, no longer subject to the natural properties of glass. Glass-ceramic has the advantages of good heat resistance and high strength. Therefore, the glass-ceramic panel is widely used in induction cookers instead of glass panels.


Glass-ceramic and common glass look very different. It has the double characteristics of glass and ceramics. There is no regular arrangement of atoms in ordinary glass, which is one of the reasons why the glass is fragile. Like ceramics, glass-ceramic is composed of crystals, that is to say, its atomic arrangement is regular. Therefore, the brightness and toughness of glass-ceramic are higher than that of ceramics.


The main reasons for using glass-ceramic for high-power induction cooker panels are: glass-ceramic has high mechanical strength, excellent insulation performance, low dielectric loss, stable dielectric constant, thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range, chemical resistance and wear, good thermal stability, high temperature. At present, flat glass-ceramics are widely used in household induction cookers. Concave glass-ceramic refers to glass-ceramics with a concave shape, similar to the status quo of a pot. The main use of this glass-ceramic plate is high-power induction cookers. With the rise of gas and prices, the cost of the catering industry has increased sharply, and people's understanding of open flame cooking has increased, and the number of users of high-power induction commercial cookers has increased the demand for concave glass-ceramics.


The glass-ceramic panel is a new bright spot in the market in recent years. Its main features are excellent quality, high-temperature resistance, high thermal efficiency, and fashion elegance. It is very popular among consumers. But some manufacturers have introduced "fake glass-ceramic" induction cookers to deceive consumers for profit. Consumers should pay attention to identifying "true and fake glass-ceramic" panels when purchasing. The real glass-ceramic panels are black, the panel has a high gloss, a fine feel and a smooth texture, the pores on the panel have a small diameter and the particles are very fine. The true glass-ceramic panel can withstand a high temperature of about 800 ℃ and has strong impact resistance. It will not change color, deform and clean easily after using it for some time. "Fake glass-ceramic" are ordinary or even inferior whiteboards. They are processed by traditional technology. They are simple to make, the panel is dull and rough, with large pore diameter and coarse particles. Its exterior is painted with black paint, and the surface coating of the panel is easy to peel off, and it is easy to form spots and cracks. The heating temperature of the fake is lower, and its ability to resist impact is weak.


The glass-ceramic panel has excellent performance, which has become the best choice for the commercial induction ranges. Because of its excellent performance, such as no impurity, no discoloration, low damping coefficient of magnetic field line, good heat insulation performance, high strength, high hardness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and cold contraction, it has greatly improved the thermal efficiency, insulation, and anti permeability performance, working performance and long service life of the product. The Lestov countertop type product of commercial induction cookers is all made of a high-quality glass-ceramic panel, and the shell of the furnace body is made of austenitic stainless steel.

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