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Why can the automatic Noodle Cooker improve the cooking efficiency?

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Why can the automatic Noodle Cooker improve the cooking efficiency?

Automatic cooking has gradually become the development trend of the catering industry. More and more restaurants have introduced automatic equipment to produce more standardized dishes at lower cost and provide better and cheaper services for customers.

pasta cook

Pasta is a widely loved staple food in the world. Every restaurant has to cook a large amount of pasta every day to solve the demand of customers. The cooking process and time control are very important. Lestov induction pasta and noodles cooker can set different cooking modes according to different ingredients and cook up to 9 pasta at the same time, which greatly reduce labor costs and improves the quality of the dishes.

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Compared with the traditional noodles cooking stove, Lestov noodles cooker has more advantages:

1. Lestov noodles cooking stove has 9 noodles sieves, each sieves can work simultaneously or independently. 9 pasta can be cooked at the same time, both save time, and save energy;

2. The induction noodles cooker can set the cooking time. Each screen can be independently controlled through the panel, setting the cooking time and temperature. Compared with the traditional restaurant "Cook noodles by experience", the intelligent control to ensure that each dish quality consistent;

3. The traditional noodles cooking stove usually has a high middle temperature centrally and a low temperature perimeter after boiling, which leads to the unevenness of heat and easily leads to the uncooked or cooked noodles. Lestov induction pasta and noodles cooker has a more even heat to ensure the smoothness and moderate taste of each bowl of noodles.

traditional noodles cooking stove

4. According to cooking different food, Lestov cooker can set different cooking time and temperature, such as vegetables, noodles, dumplings, etc.. It is more intelligent than traditional products;

5. Lestov induction cooker can set the highest and lowest temperature and keep the temperature when it not work, 95% thermal efficiency conversion makes the induction cooker can heat up quickly, so that cooking could save energy and improve efficiency greatly;

6. Traditional noodles cooker is using heating pipe to heat, it will drop paint or electricity leakage when using it for a long time, Lestov noodles cooker adopts the electromagnetic heating, that could avoid the risk of electricity leakage ;

7. 3 hours unattended, automatic would shutdown.

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