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The using of commercial induction cookers boost up your catering management

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The using of commercial induction cookers boost up your catering management

In China, restaurant management and business are inseparable from commercial induction cookers. However, today we don't want to talk about kitchen cooking equipment. We would like to discuss more about catering management because it usually involves human and matters and it is greatly determined by 6 key points. Let's explore them!

The first point is the content that touches the customers.

 The customer is the service object of the restaurant, and the satisfaction of the customer is the intangible asset of the restaurant. How to impress customers is a question that enterprises must consider, for which we have a theory called "QSEA".

1) Q(quality)

Quality always comes first in catering management. Customers' recognition to the enterprise comes from their recognition to the product. If the product is not good, any marketing efforts will be wasted. The quality and delicacy of the food in the restaurant directly affects whether the restaurant can attract customers.

2) S(service)

The service consists of three parts: before, during and after the meal. To impress customers, a good service experience is essential. To further understand this, we will refer to the working procedures and standards of Chinese food management in the next segment.

3) E(environment)

The restaurant environment is the place that the customer pays very close attention to, in order to make the customer eat at ease, the visualization of a bright kitchen has become a trend.

4) A(atmosphere)

There is no doubt that a good dinning atmosphere will boost customers’ mood and enjoy more in your restaurant, so atmosphere building will give your extra credit.


In the catering management, Lestov induction cooker from Guangdong Qinxin Technology Company might not have a direct effect, but no doubt it plays an important role in the standardization of catering and its cost saving. Because induction heating technology indeed ensures the quality of dishes and greatly saves a bit cost in staffs and daily electricity.

induction cooking equipment

The second point is marketing. 

There is an old a saying in China, "the emperor's daughter has no trouble getting married", but things are different now. "The emperor's daughter" also needs "a matchmaker." Similarly, good products must be publicized through appropriate methods. So we need to develop corresponding marketing methods for different situations like promoting with different festival and social hot spots or promote directly to old customers and new customers.


The third point is cost control and profit management.

 Reducing kitchen costs is the key point to improving profits. These include production management control (It mainly includes the control of food material purchase and supply, production and processing cost, and sales cost) and production factor control (material cost, capital cost and human cost). Among of the above, the cost of capital and manpower is the pain point of many restaurants.

 yon ho

To reduce this stress, many catering enterprises, on the one hand, start to comb the product structure and add stews and steamed dishes on the basis of stir-fry; On the other hand they add compound intelligent kitchen equipment, implement standardization kitchen solutions to their restaurants. In this way, they can greatly save manpower and produce food a lot faster. This is a very effective approach.


Fourth point, daily meetings. The daily routine meeting should not be too long, usually controlled within 15 minutes. "5W1H" (Why, What, Where, When, Who, How) is a very practical methods for the daily meeting, yet don’s make the meeting become only a formalized routine.


The fifth point is daily hygiene and cleanliness. All cleaning work should be based on the guests' sense standards, fully consider the guests' dining experience, and create a quiet, beautiful, comfortable and clean dining environment.


The sixth point is safety management. The safety management of enterprises should not be neglected, it includes the handling of lost items from customers, disease, food safety, fire accident and media crisis. Restaurants should always stress the safety management and deal with hidden dangers timely and effectively, nip any possible danger in the bud.

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