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Perfect custom induction cooking solution: "Ru Shi Su" Restaurant

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Perfect custom induction cooking solution: "Ru Shi Su" Restaurant

People naturally associate vegetarianism with sincerity, virtue and health. Vegetarian, not only can get natural pure balanced nutrition, but also experience the joy what get rid of the noise and desire of the city additional. It shows the simple cultural concept of returning to nature, environment protection and health, and protecting the earth's ecological environment.

Interception of vegetarianism text:

Mr. Maxwell G.Lee, who served as president of the international vegetarian union said:"Life is a whole, and every part is interacting with each other. People's attitude towards nature and other creatures, and diet will affect the population and human survival directly.

As a vegetarian, rather than overemphasizing benefits of the vegetarianism, he believes that we should pay more attention to the effects of vegetarianism as a moral sentiment. In recent years, vegetarianism has become part of conservation and ecological ethics. As a true vegetarian, we should not only think about our own health, but also care the harmony and tranquility of our environment. 

"Ru Shi Su" Restaurant is not only an art gallery that combines vegetarianism and vegetarian life, but also a catering enterprise that advocates vegetarian diet culture. The unique implication name of the shop clearly expresses the original intention of "vegetarian improves cultivation", returning to nature, with a low carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Based on simple wooden style, with the proper combination of oak and glass, the unconventional semi-oval storefront, make "Ru Shi Su" possess fresh, simple visualization.

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Raw, non-additive ingredients with low-carbon, pollution-free cooking, which has led to these eye-pleasing, healthy and nutritious dishes of "Ru Shi Su" Restaurant.

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All equipments in "Ru Shi Su" restaurant are customized by Qinxin company. As China induction cooker manufacturer with more than 15 years experience, Lestov induction cookers can make your kitchen cooler, greener, cooler and safer. Welcome you to learn more advantages of our products.

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