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Misunderstandings about commercial induction cooker

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Misunderstandings about commercial induction cooker

With the rise of “green catering” and “open kitchen”, as well as the overall transformation of the traditional kitchen, the restaurants in the first and second-tier cities have been continuously replacing commercial gas cooking equipment with commercial induction wok cookers.


However, some companies are still struggling with the misunderstanding of the induction cooker. The following content can bring you some help.


 Commercial Induction Range


Misunderstandings 1: Commercial induction cooktops are not easy to clean.

 Since the commercial induction cooker is mainly composed of the body, the mainboard, and the heating coil, some people think that when cleaning the induction cooker, water will penetrate the body and cause damage. The body of the high-power commercial induction cooker is waterproof, so you don't need to worry about the problem of difficult cleaning. In particular, Smabo commercial induction cookers adopt a fully sealed design of the movement shell, which is resistant to oil, water, and insects.


Misunderstandings 2: Commercial induction cookers are not as hot and efficient as traditional large cookers. 

Traditional gas stoves are accompanied by flames during the heating process, giving the feeling of violent fire and rapid heating, so that some people do not believe that the dishes cooked by commercial induction cookers have great taste.


As a new type of commercial kitchen equipment, commercial induction cookers transfer electrical energy from coils to metal containers that must be ferromagnetic and quickly reach high temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius.

Induction Cooker Power

Misunderstandings 3You can use it as long as you have electricity. 

Commercial induction cookers use different power than home induction cookers. The power of commercial induction cookers ranges from 3kw to 40kw or even higher power. At present, high-power induction cookers on the market use three-phase power. You need to choose the appropriate wire according to different power configurations to ensure electrical safety.


Misunderstandings 4Food cooked on an induction cooker has no char from the hot wok. 

Some people think that past induction cooker technology is underdeveloped and cannot achieve high-temperature effects in a short time. It is not suitable for the rapid high-temperature stir-fry process of Chinese food, but the current induction cooker can reach high temperatures instantly.


Compared with traditional household flat induction cookers, Lestov commercial induction cookers use concave pans, which effectively solves the problem of insufficient heating area and uneven heating. The heating temperature is 400 degrees or more, far exceeding the caramelization reaction (char from the hot wok pot) required temperature. And by controlling the cooking temperature and time, the precise control of the heat is achieved, and it is easy to standardize the cooking dishes.


Induction Stir-Frying


Misunderstandings 5Commercial induction cookers do not save energy and consume a lot of power.

People usually see that commercial induction cookers have relatively high power and feel that commercial induction cookers consume more power. Because the heat of induction cookers will not dissipate in the air, the minimum thermal efficiency is 90%, and the maximum efficiency of gas is only 40%. Induction cookers are more energy-efficient, and they are lower in cost than gas. For example, using gas to heat 50 kg of water costs 100 yuan for steam and 50 yuan for electricity. 


The above is a summary of some of the misunderstandings that people have about commercial induction cookers. Commercial induction cookers are an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient product. If you have any questions, you can follow the official website of Lestov Commercial Induction Cookers to learn more.

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