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Lestov Manufacturer: 3 Commercial Induction Cookers to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Easier

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Lestov Manufacturer: 3 Commercial Induction Cookers to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Easier

Using induction cookers may become a mandatory

In the past, we were accustomed to using gas stoves for cooking, and using this traditional cooking utensil would have adverse consequences. When gas stoves burn, they produce carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and carbon monoxide. In some European and American countries, such as California and New York, it has been stipulated that the use of natural gas is prohibited for new building connections, and nearby areas rely entirely on electricity to reduce environmental pollution. Stop cooking with traditional gas stoves and bring your commercial kitchen into the future.

The era of commercial induction cookers has arrived

According to the 2023 Commercial Induction Cooker Market Report, the market size of commercial induction cookers is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.44% from 2023 to 2027. Traditional gas stoves can only set three temperature settings, while commercial induction cookers can adjust to multiple settings. The food they produce is standard and delicious. With the rise of open

 kitchens, commercial induction cookers have another advantage. They are efficient and easy to clean. Most commercial induction cooker surfaces are made of stainless steel and glass, which are easy to wipe. That also means that commercial induction cooker has broad market prospects.


How Do Commercial Induction Cookers Work?

Commercial Induction cookers mainly use the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat food. When the coil under the pot moves, it creates eddy currents that heat the food. Almost all the heat is accumulated at the bottom of the pan, and the energy utilization rate reaches 95%!

Why choose a commercial induction cooker?

Choosing a trustworthy commercial induction cooker can bring convenience to your commercial kitchen. Compared with traditional gas stoves, commercial induction cookers can prepare dishes for you more efficiently. Choosing different models of commercial induction cooker combinations can bring you convenience. During busy work seasons, you can save some work time while cooking delicious food.

Recommended below are different models of commercial induction cookers from the Lestov manufacturer. You can choose the commercial induction cooker that best suits you based on the characteristics of different models of machines.

Lestov's best-selling commercial induction cookers include the following models:

1. Tabletop 2 Burners Restaurant Induction Wok Cooker LT-TPA-B135

The Tabletop 2 Burners Restaurant Induction Wok Cooker LT-TPA-B135 is made of a 4mm ceramic glass heating plate + concave glass panel. It is equipped with a pan and a frying pan to help you meet different cooking requirements. The cooking capacity of the machine is 2* 3.5kg, which can make catering for 2*15 people. At the same time, it is very resistant to high temperatures, up to 700 degrees. At the same time, the glass panel it uses is easy to wipe. This machine only requires simple cleaning, which greatly saves you time. It also has another advantage. The machine is equipped with 2 sets of twin-turbo high-frequency cooling fans, which means that the working environment of the chefs is good because this machine dissipates heat quickly, this machine has no open flame, which helps You keep your commercial kitchen clean.


2. Tabletop 4 Burner Commercial Induction cooktop 3500W LT-TB300IV-B135

This Tabletop 4 Burner Commercial Induction cooktop 3500W LT-TB300IV-B135 machine is efficient and safe. It can make 4*35kg of food in 15 minutes, meeting the dining needs of 60 people. At the same time, it can save you 35% to 55% on energy costs, and your operating costs can also be greatly reduced in the long run. The machine has different gear adjustments, with eight gears from the lowest gear to the highest gear, to achieve different cooking needs. You can use this machine in cafeterias, fast-food restaurants, and omelet stations.


3.4 Burner Restaurant Induction Cooktop with Knob LT-B300IV-B135

If your commercial kitchen has a large space, I recommend you use this 4 Burner Restaurant Induction Cooktop with Knob LT-B300IV-B135. It is a vertical design, has an 8-speed gear adjustment, and can quickly convert melting to Stir-frying. This machine uses advanced induction heating technology and has an energy efficiency of 95%, helping you save costs. At the same time, this machine can achieve independent cooking control, and you will get a flexible cooking experience! You can use this machine to make soup, stew meat, or barbecue. You don’t need to worry about heat dissipation. This machine has 4 sets of built-in twin-turbo high-frequency cooling fans, which can dissipate heat quickly and permanently.



Please remember that Lestov manufacturer always provides you with high-quality products and services. Lestov manufacturer has been working in the commercial induction cooker industry for more than two decades, our goals and principles are to optimize chefs' cooking habits while reducing restaurant operating costs and providing customers with a one-stop service solution. The R&D team continues to work hard for product innovation. While the environment is polluted, using commercial induction cookers is a practical and green lifestyle. Please contact us and let us help you find a suitable plan for your restaurant.

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