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Introduction of Commercial Induction Deep Fryer

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Introduction of Commercial Induction Deep Fryer

Lestov induction cooktops has precise control function, no need to worry about the taste. When cooking food in a household induction cooker, because of its low power and slow heating rate, the resulting taste is not as good as an open flame. However, commercial induction cooker can perfectly adapt to the regulation of different heats due to its large power and setting of different power positions, as well as timing and temperature control.

Today introduce 380v commercial induction deep fryer for you. It has an automatic thermostat, over-temperature protection function, automatic detection of the pot bottom and overheating, overload, air-burning protection and other functions, easy to operate. You can adjust the firepower according to your cooking needs.

1. How to use its temperature control system?

1.1 Temperature system explain

① Menu button, change the menu (No push)

② Mode button, using this button to change data.

③ Down button, using it to reduce temp.

④ Up button, using it to add temp.

2. Operations steps explain

2.1 Temperature Setting Steps

1) Temp system firstly shows like picture 1;

2) Push the Mode Button, SP light on, (like picture 2);   

3) Push the up button, temp display flash and add temp 1 degree, push twice add 2 degree, it depends how many degree you want to set,(like picture 3).

4) Push the down button, the display flash and reduce 1 degree, push twice reduce 2 degree, it depends on how many degree you want to set. (Like picture 4) ;

5) Push the Model button again, SP light off, the display show the current temperature number, 3 seconds later it stop flash and keep the setting target temp number.

2.2 Temperature system working condition instruction.

1) Temp display show current temp number, when the current temp is lower than it, system start to work, OUT light on (like picture 5);

2) Temp display show current temp number, when the temp system is higher than target temperature, system stop work, OUT light off (like picture 6);

How to use an induction deep fryer?

3. Indicator light explain

1) SP light instruction:  during setting the temperature the SP light on, other condition off.

2) STOP light instruction: Stop light on means the product not work, STOP light off mean the cooker is working.

3) OUT light: OUT light on means relay out put on and product work, OUT light off product no work.

Remark and attention:

1) When setting the temperature, we must do as the manual, prohibit to push button informal.

2) Temperature display shows the temperature number.

3) No water flush on temp display, water may in and broken.

4) We cannot violently operation the system or push the button, which may broken the buttons.

4. Application industry

1) Catering (tea restaurant, western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, snack bar, McDonald, KFC, cafe, etc.)

2) Food processing (fried chicken legs, fried section, fried sausages, fried chicken wings, fried dough sticks, etc.)

3) Leisure places (hotels, hotels, bars, etc.)

4) Processing and sales (markets, schools, stations, commercial streets, playgrounds, etc.)

Why to control the cooking temperature of the ingredients?

Because an important consideration you would have to make would be what tastes best in your perfect dinner.

The latest research shows that the most suitable cooking temperature for most dishes is about 140-176ºF. When the temperature exceeds the specific temperature of the food, it is easy to produce harmful substances and damage people's health.

Take the smoke point of edible oil as examples:

(1) Peanut oil: Peanut oil contains more oleic acid. After overheating, it produces trans fatty acids, and the higher the temperature, the more trans fatty acids, which will increase the incidence of cardiovascular diseases (such as coronary heart disease).

(2) Corn oil: Corn oil is rich in linoleic acid. When overheated, it is easy to oxidatively polymerize with cholesterol in food to form cholesterol oxidation products.

Data reference:You need to know the smoke point of each cooking oil.

Type of oil

Smoke point

Rapeseed oil

225 ºF --450 ºF

Unrefined flaxseed, safflower & sunflower oils

225 ºF

Extra virgin olive oil

320ºF – 405ºF



Coconut oil


Pressed peanut oil

320 ºF

Pressed soybean oil

330.8 ºF

Refined peanut oil

450 ºF

Refined soybean oil

460.4 ºF


370.4 ºF

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