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Commercial induction cookers were originated from Japan, developed in German, but why is China has a greater penetration rate?

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Commercial induction cookers were originated from Japan, developed in German, but why is China has a greater penetration rate?

Commercial induction cooker was first originated from Japanese commercial cooking equipment since the ’70s, then developed in German and soon popularising in the European market. Contradictorily, the current commercial induction penetration rate in the Chinese market has surpassed all international markets, which offers unlimited potential opportunities for international distributors. Certainly, commercial induction cooking is an upcoming trend in the future with the aid of market establishment and global regulations on environmental protection.


Chinese commercial induction manufacturers have been steadily developing and mastering the induction technology in the commercial kitchen equipment market for nearly two decades. Moreover, the commercial induction market’s potential should not be underestimated with the rapid growth of the hospitality industry and the annual increase of market shares. According to the current foreseeable market environment and recent induction market research, the entire world uses more than 3 million induction cookers and the Chinese market captured 600,000 units alone and demonstrated a promising trend.

 commercial induction cooktops

Commercial induction cookers are the trend of replacing LPG and Radiant cooking.


From the beginning of 2017, China has clearly required all types of industries to develop in line with the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment,  to improve energy use efficiency and ameliorate the ecological environment. In China, the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has been gradually improved. Low-carbon economy has developed steadily for three years, upgraded kitchen equipment, has also been no fire, no heat radiation, smoke, no ash, no pollution, no rise at room temperature and other requirements.


The growth volume of commercial induction cookers in the European market has reached its peak. However, with the recent Brexit, the rest of EU members are experiencing economic regression with shrinkage in the hospitality industry. Most importantly, eastern diets are generally richer than western diets. Hence, German manufacturers are monopolizing the commercial induction cookers range below 8KW, and priced expensively at a niche market.


From the past three years, Chinese commercial kitchen equipment has improved rapidly.


Chinese commercial induction market has reached its maturity stage with two decades of steady developing and completed penetrate local diet from stir fry, steam, hard boil, deep fry, and other cooking styles. Moreover, commercial induction cookers' power output can range from 3KW to 30KW and have other extensions on various commercial kitchen equipment. Similar to Lestov’s self-developed commercial kitchen equipment.

 commercial induction cooktops

Lestov started from commercial induction cookers then proceed to commercial induction hobs, commercial automatic pasta boiler, commercial induction griddles, commercial induction steamer and more. Lestov prioritizes flame-less cooking, fuel storage free, and implementing induction heating. Moreover, thermal efficiency converts up to 90% and provides an efficient, energy-saving and safe cooking environment. The automatic pasta boiler might be the most well-known induction cookers to the general public, they are frequently located in many franchise conveniences stores.


Additionally, commercial induction cookers have multiple branches and extensions on diversified commercial kitchen equipment used in western and eastern fast-food chains, hotpot restaurants, hotels, motels, including trains, cruise ships, enterprises, government canteens, food processing industry and more. Commercial kitchen equipment offered many enterprises with efficient energy-saving resources, alliancing the low-carbon economy, and pursuit a steady development.


According to a recent statistic, Chinese commercial kitchen equipment market was at 11.1 billion Yuan in 2007, later reached 42.5 billion yuan at the beginning of 2015, the market share further increases to 78.2 billion yuan by 2018. Notably, the commercial kitchen equipment has already established a 100 billion yuan market in 2020. Hence, commercial induction cooking equipment will be the mainstream demand in the future.

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