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Why commercial induction cooktops can save costs?

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Why commercial induction cooktops can save costs?

One: Learn principle and advantages of commercial induction cooktops


A. How do commercial induction cooktops work?


To understand how to save cost in a commercial induction cooker, you must first understand the principle of induction heating equipment.


Working Prinpicle:

An induction cooker works by applying an alternating electromagnetic wave to magnetic cookware (stainless steel pots, cast iron pans, etc). The metal molecules are attracted in different directions as the current alternates. Heat is generated from resistance and other physical processes caused–or induced –by the wave.


Because the pot, not the cooktop, is the source of the heat, so the surface of induction cooktop remains cool.


Through innovation, people invented open flame simulation technology based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The open flame simulation technology realizes the real-time tracking of the thermal field through the high-frequency digital processing of the chip and meets the chef's need for throwing pans. Displacement distance, moving speed, material, shape, temperature of the pan can be captured in real time, real fire can be achieved by simulating real firepower with high precision.


B.What are the advantages of commercial induction cooktops ?


Compared with household induction cookers, the power of commercial induction cookers are between 3kw and 35kw, and the manufacturing process is more complicated. You could find many advantages if you use commercial induction cookers: More faster with high energy efficiency; More safety without open flame; More comfortable cooking environment; More easy to clean up; Long service life and cost-saving.


Two: How to understand the energy saving of commercial induction ranges?

Comparison test:

Basic date:

Experimental time:2018.3.15

Experimental location: Laboratory of Guangdong Qinxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Indoor temperature: 22℃

Water temperature: 20℃

Price: RMB7.5 per kilogram of liquefied petroleum gas (¥7.5 / kg); RMB6.6 per liter of diesel (¥6.6 / liter); RMB0.85 per kilowatt-hours of electricity cost (¥0.85 / kilowatt-hours).

Comment: The following experimental data is obtained by heating 65 kg of cold water from 20 ℃ to a boiling temperature of 80℃ with a large boiler.

Experiment A: Commercial Single Induction Wok Stove VS Large Single Wok LPG Stove VS Large Single Wok Diesel stove.

Cooker category

Large single wok gas stove

Large single wok diesel stove

Single induction wok cooker

Φ800 Wok

Φ900 Wok

Φ1000 Wok

Input power

Fan 370 W

Fan 370 W

20 KW

25 KW

30 KW

Energy cost


0.12 KW






1.95 kg



20 mins

20 mins

22.5 mins

18 mins

15 mins

Fee Cost







Commercial induction stove is 57% more energy efficient than LPG stove, and 51% more energy efficient than diesel stove.


Experiment B: Induction Single Wok Stove VS Large Single Wok Gas Stove

Cooker category

Single induction wok stove

Large single wok gas stove

Input power

15 KW

60 KW(216m/hr)

Energy cost

11 kWh

4.7 kilogram

Fee Cost




Commercial induction cookers are 28% faster than gas stoves and it can save 73% of energy delivered to pan.


Three:  A new era of low carbon, safe and environmental protection

The concept of energy saving, low carbon economy has been promoted by more people. Lestov induction cooktops are leading rapid development of commercial kitchen industry with its smart security and energy-saving technology. 


These Lestov induction cookers are mainly for the global market. It’s suitable for all Chinese or Western catering and can be used for cooking, frying, boiling, steaming, stewing, etc. 


Lestov induction cooktops won the "Chinese Food Technology Progress Award" in the competition with many famous brands with its high market share and advantages of excellent performance, energy saving and emission reduction, which greatly promoted the development of Chinese food and profoundly affected the economy of Chinese catering.

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