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What is the radiation range of the induction cooker?

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What is the radiation range of the induction cooker?

Induction cooker is one of the kitchen utensils that people use. But do you know how an induction cooktop works?

(ONE) The working principle of induction cooker :

Induction cooker breaks the traditional open flame cooking method, adopts the heating principle of magnetic field induced current. The induction cooker generates alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When the furnace surface is placed at the bottom of the iron containing pot, the cookware cuts the alternating magnetic field line. The eddy current is generated in the metal part at the bottom of the pot, and the eddy current causes the free electrons in the iron material at the bottom of the pot to rotate in a spiral shape, and the heat of the Joule heat of the current causes the bottom of the pot to heat up, thereby achieving the purpose of cooking.

When using an induction cooker, the pot is generally required to be a ferromagnetic material such as a wok, a stainless steel pot, or an enamel pot. Because the pot is subject to the magnetic line cutting of the induction cooker, the bottom of the pot is required to be flat. Moreover, because the size of the bottom of the pot will affect the strength of the magnetic line, and thus affect the sampling value of the internal control circuit of the induction cooker, there is a certain requirement for the size of the bottom of the pot.

(TWO) Advantages of induction cooker:

Induction cooker has the advantages of fast heating, thermal efficiency, no open flame, no smoke, no harmful gas, no heat radiation to the surrounding environment, small size, good safety and beautiful appearance, and can complete most cooking tasks of the family. Moreover, due to the way of electric heating, the pots and stoves are well cleaned, and they remain bright and fresh even after many years of use. Therefore, in some countries where induction cookers are more popular, people are known as "the god of cooking" and "green stoves."

(THREE) Is the induction cooking safe for health?

According to some reports, although the radiation frequency of the induction cooker is about one-sixtieth of the signal frequency of the mobile phone, the power that actually determines the radiation size is much larger than that of the mobile phone signal. This radiation power mainly depends on the electromagnetic wave leakage value of the induction cooker. . However, since the induction cooker generates heat by directly inducing a magnetic field by the bottom of the pot to generate heat, it is necessary to select an iron or stainless steel cookware that meets the design load requirements of the induction cooker, and the iron has sufficient absorption of the magnetic field and the shielding effect is good, which reduces the amount of heat. The magnetic radiation, so the iron pot is safer than any other material.

Warm Tip : When using the induction cooker, leave the distance of more than half a meter.

(FOUTH) Induction cooker precautions:

When using, do not place knives, small forks, and caps on the cooktop panel to avoid adverse effects such as ferromagnetic objects, and do not place objects such as mobile phones and MP3s that are susceptible to magnetic fields on the cooktop or within close range. Do not let the iron pan or other pots be burnt or dry, so as to prevent the induction cooker panel from being cracked due to excessive heat. In the range of 2 to 3 meters away from the induction cooker, do not place the TV, telephone, etc. Affected household appliances.

In addition, after the induction cooker product is used, the power gear should be adjusted to a small position; after the power is turned off, remove the iron pan; when cleaning the cooktop table, after it is completely cooled, use a little neutral detergent to wipe. Use a strong descaling agent, and do not allow water to directly flush the induction cooker product. Due to the advancement of technology, the emergence of induction cookers has brought great convenience to our lives. The radiation problem of the induction cooker is small when it is used normally, and it will not cause great harm to everyone's health. The induction cooker is popular with its lightweight appearance, good safety and convenient use.

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