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Introduction to commercial induction stove

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Introduction to commercial induction stove

Lestov induction cooktops used in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants, factories, colleges, institutions, military units, enterprises, trains, ships. The power of the commercial induction stove is between 3KW and 35KW, different from that of the household. In addition, commercial induction stove is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and has no open flame, which is good for the chef. The advantages of short heating time and fast cooking are also known as "the god of cooking" and green stove.

Commercial induction cooker is a new type of furnace (smoke) with the latest invention in the commercial kitchen market. Its special working principle breaks the traditional open flame cooking mode, using the heating principle of magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current). The heat source of the induction cooker generates high-frequency current through the components of the electronic circuit board, and the rectifier circuit will be 50 HZ /60HZ. The alternating current becomes a direct current voltage, and then the direct current voltage is converted into a high frequency current having a frequency of 20-40 KHz through a control circuit, and a high frequency alternating magnetic field is formed by a spiral magnetic induction coil, and magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field pass through the metal vessel (guide Magnetic is also called conductive material. The heating part produces alternating current (ie eddy current) in the metal body. The eddy current causes the iron molecules of the pot to move at high speed and irregularly. The molecules collide with each other and friction to generate heat, which can cause the appliance itself to self-heat at high speed, thus converting the electric energy. It is heat energy used to heat and cook food to achieve the purpose of cooking.

The principle of induction heating technology for commercial induction cooktop is to rectify alternating current into direct current through a rectifier circuit, and then convert the direct current into a high-frequency high-voltage current with a frequency of 20-40KHz. When the current passes through the electromagnetic induction coil, a magnetic field is generated. When the magnetic field line in the magnetic field passes through the heated metal container, a strong eddy current is generated on the surface of the container, so that the container itself rapidly heats up, and the temperature of the material in the container is rapidly increased to achieve the purpose of heating. Since the induction coil is not in direct contact with the heated metal, energy is transferred by electromagnetic induction with a thermal efficiency of up to 90%.

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