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How to use 3500w induction cooker safely?

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How to use 3500w induction cooker safely?

3500w induction cooker is the revolution for modern kitchen, you can cook different food with different power, so we call it "one-click solution for cooking". Let us say goodbye to the fire-filled kitchen, it's a great wish of modern housewives. See the below diagram to understand induction heating technology better. 

How does an induction cooker work?

How do induction cookers work?

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Although there are lots of advantages for induction cooker, but some potential dangers need to be noted in daily life, so how do we use the induction cooker exactly?

1.The power cord must meet the requirements.

With high power (more than 3500w), the capacity of the power cord and socket should not be lower than the maximum working current and need to use copper wires, same as the sockets, plugs, switches, etc. The socket of the induction cooker must be configured separately. Don't share a socket with other household appliances, and make sure that the wire and the socket are in good contact. If possible, it is best to install a fuse box at the power cord socket to ensure safety.


The list of Power & gear for 3.5KW induction cooker:

The list of Power & gear for 3.5KW induction cooker



Power (W)





Interval heating, every 3 seconds of operation, stop for 3 seconds




Continuous heating




Continuous heating




Continuous heating




Continuous heating




Continuous heating




Continuous heating




Continuous heating, Calculate the actual power according to the standard voltage of 220V


2. To flatten the induction cooker.

Do what we tell you, especially when eating hot pot at the table. If the table top is not flat, it may cause the water to slip out which is dangerous.


3.Ensure that the air holes are unobstructed.

Induction cooker heats up as the pot heats up. Therefore, when you place the induction cooker in the kitchen, ensure that there are no objects blocking the inlet and exhaust holes of the furnace. Do not stack objects or liquids that may damage the induction cooker on the side or under the furnace. Need to be reminded that when the induction cooker finds that its built-in fan does not run during work, it should be immediately deactivated and repaired in time.


The container must be placed in the center to reduce the occurrence of error codes (because of the magnetic heating principle, when the container is offset, it is easy to cause unbalanced heat dissipation, resulting in error code).


4. Use compatible cookware on the induction cooker.

The material used on induction cooker should be a ferromagnetic material with relatively good conductivity. In other words, it contains iron or has a layer with magnetic properties. Generally, the pot used in the induction cooker including: pig iron,  A3 iron pot, stainless iron pot, and so on. Cast iron, enamel cast iron, and many types of stainless steel cookware are all induction compatible.


5. Pots should not be overweight.

The bearing weight of induction cooker is limited. For 3500w countertop induction cooker, the food in pot should not exceed 5 kg, and the bottom of the pot should not be too small.


6.Clean the stove correctly.

Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof work during use, and avoid contact with harmful liquids. Do not put the induction cooker in water for cleaning and direct flushing with water, or use solvent or gasoline to clean the furnace surface or furnace body. In addition, do not use hard tools such as metal brushes or abrasive cloths to wipe the dirt on the surface of the stove.


7. Stop using it immediately if the furnace surface is damaged.

The induction cooktop is a crystallized ceramic plate, which is a fragile material. The volume of the container should not exceed 80% to avoid short circuit caused by overflow after heating.


Warm tips: Although the radiation of the induction cooker is small, it is best for pregnant women not to use the induction cooker for the health of the baby.


The commercial induction cooker itself has multiple safety protection measures, including furnace tilting and power failure protection, timeout power failure protection, dry burning alarm protection, over current protection, overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, improper use of automatic shutdown and so on.

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