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Grill a steak so easy on induction griddle?

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Grill a steak so easy on induction griddle?

Proving just how easy cooking on an induction cooktop is, Lestov induction cooker whips up a delicious steak in minutes.

You don't really need a fancy kitchen to cook food, just a simple steak recipe, a right mood and a quality induction griddle. A technology based on unbeatable precision, high power and safety, it is the only type of cooking that can tempt you away from gas.


(One) Simple steak recipe


• Tablespoon kosher salt1 beef steak (1 pound, 1-inch thick)

• Garlic powder (to taste)

• Coarse salt (to taste)

Cookware: tabletop induction griddle (3500w / 5000w, 220v, 1 Ph) from Smabo cooker


(Two) Simple cooking steps:

• Marinate steak.

Sprinkle two teaspoons of table salt on steak and let it stand for about 45 minutes to make sure it's well-seasoned.

• Prepare steak and grill steak.

The key to a delicious steak is heat. Pat your steak dry with paper. Preheat the iron plate of induction griddle, then sprinkle some salt on the plate. Cook as your desired degree of doneness.


You will be surprised at the simple operation of Lestov induction cooking-something simpler than the recipe. Want to set a specific temperature and time so that you do not worry about burning the food? No problem! Smabo tabletop induction griddle has the advantage of providing you with amazing temperature control and safety features.


Let us show you using details of induction griddle. All photos come from our catering partners in Belgium: Jos Theys Boerderij. Please see below.

Picture: Restaurant outside scene

 Restaurant in BelgiumJos Theys Boerderij (1)

Restaurant in BelgiumJos Theys Boerderij

Picture: Mr. Jos are using 5000w commercial griddle to cook steak in his restaurant.

Grill steak on 5000w Lestov induction griddle

Grill steak on 5000w Lestov induction griddle

For this commercial griddle, the Omron thermostat controls temperature and time to maintain stable heating, and its eight fire settings allow you to grill steaks at different powers.


Picture: How to operate 5000w Lestov indution griddle?(Download the file if you need)

How to set the Omron thermostat of induction griddle?

To get more details, please call or mail us. Thank you.

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