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Cost analysis report for using cooker in a school kitchen

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Cost analysis report for using cooker in a school kitchen

Induction Cooker VS Gas Cooker

Induction Cooker

Gas Cooker

1.Basic Date

Total fuel consumption

80 KW.H

20 L


1.0 RMB / KW.H

6.95 RMB / L

Average daily usage time

3 hours

3 hours

2.Investment Cost

Equipment Investment

Around 49760 RMB



Around 15000 RMB for circuit



Total Investment

Around 64760 RMB


3.Running Cost

Daily fuel cost

80KW.H*1.0RMB*3 Hours=240 RMB

20L *6.95RMB *3 Hours=417 RMB

Monthly fuel cost

240RMB*30Days=7200 RMB

417 RMB*30 Days=12510 RMB


Annual average maintenance cost in 10 years

Maintenance due to unstable power supply(2 years warranty)

300RMB*4Pcs*8Years=9600 RMB

Service life of more than 10 years

No need to replace in 10 years

Regularly change the flame, burner, etc.

150RMB*4Pcs*10Years=6000 RMB


Service life of around 6 years, replacement cost

4500RMB*4Pcs=18000RMB÷4 Years

=4500 RMB / Year

Total running cost per year

7200RMB*12Months+9600RMB=96000 RMB

12510RMB*12Months+6000RMB+4500RMB=160620 RMB


(1) Comparison of investment cost

One-time investment cost of induction cooker is about 64760 RMB

(2) Comparison of use cost

Induction cooker can save about 64620 RMB per year compared to gas cooker, which means it can recover all investment costs in around 12 months;

5.Others comparison

Kitchen working Environment Temperature

26.6 ℃

48 ℃

Kitchen Working environment noise

52 db

86 db

Service life

Over 10 years

3~5 years


Using induction cooktops which can improve kitchen working environment, reduce exhaust emissions, and save on use cost; The advantages of induction cooking equipment are as follow:

A. High thermal efficiency (Energy saving) : The traditional gas stove has a large heat loss, its thermal efficiency is between 40% and 60%, and the thermal efficiency of the induction stove can reach 95%;


B. No flame (Safe) : There is no open flame during using induction cooker, no fire hazard like other cookers, no hidden dangers caused by gas leakage;


C. Clean (Environmental) : The traditional coal, LPG and coal gas cause the room temperature to rise and the oil smoke to increase. At the same time, harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are released to affect human health. The induction cooker does not release any substance when heated with no fire, no smoke, no taste;


D. Accurate temperature control (Accurate) : Induction cooker can flexibly and accurately control the heating power and cooking temperature according to different cooking requirements of the user. Smabo brand induction cookers and ranges manufactured by Qinxin company uses advanced technology to develop a series of constant temperature devices from normal temperature to 350 degrees, so it is very convenient to select the required temperature during cooking. 

(Note: The above cost and other data are for reference only, and may be different due to factors such as actual project cost, gas supply, oil quality, power grid, chef's operating habits, etc.)

Lestov induction cookers are going into schools

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