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Best buying experience for the Lestov commercial induction griddles

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Best buying experience for the Lestov commercial induction griddles

Lestov is an efficient manufacturer of the commercial induction griddle, which is available in china since 2003. No doubt that the induction cooker manufacture is the best to provide effective kitchen solutions. There is a wide range of the product list, which the induction cooker manufactures are providing.


Keep engaged with the blog until the end and know what Lestov provides and what the key features are. Most of the content revolves around the features of the Commercial Induction Griddle.


The best for griddling, the commercial griddles are available, which are best for the induction cooktops. It helps the chefs in preparing flavored foods such as:

· Pancakes

· Pizzas

· Burgers

· Steak


All of this becomes possible with the proper use of the thermostatic control, along with the manual temperature setting. The manual settings of the commercial griddle help the person to control the temperature completely.


Lestov is glad to announce that they also provide the custom commercial induction griddle. With their professional nature as an induction cooker manufacturer, they provide:

· A cast iron griddles plate with a thickness of 18mm, or a composite bottom griddles plate with a thickness of 10mm

·    You can custom your built-in griddles or countertop griddles with different sizes

· Controls with a combination of the thermostatic along with the manual temperature setting

· Independent multi-channel control for 6-menus and storage

· Both sides and back can have raised steel splash guards

Why choose Commercial Induction Griddles?

Overall, control over the commercial induction griddle's temperature makes it better than the electric and gas commercial griddles. As well as, the manual control makes it possible to make the heat up time shorter. Not only is this, but the presence of the uniformity plate unbeatable.


Above all, a commercial induction griddle heats the plate rather than heating the entire kitchen. Therefore, it is highly preferred to the chefs, and even they prefer to use the commercial induction griddle.


Key features of the Commercial Induction Griddle

Lestov commercial griddle is rich in unique features for the ease of the people using it. These Induction cooker manufactures are providing the best solutions by serving the users with the best commercial griddles. There is a wide range of features of the commercial induction griddle, and some of them are:

· The Omron thermostat is used to control constant temperature conditions, allowing you to set the desired grilling temperature parameters.

· There is a 360-degree knob, which can switch between eight firepower settings at will, making cooking easy.

· Commercial induction griddle contains stainless steel feet with rubber protection, due to which the surface remains scratch-free.

· The commercial countertop griddles can withstand voltage fluctuations in the range of ±20%.

· A drawer-type removable grease container is convenient for you to collect food residue and do the cleaning.


Safety Features within the Commercial Induction Griddle

Along with these features, the induction cooker manufacturers are also providing some of the safety features

· Empty pan cut off

· 3 hours auto shut off

· High and low-temperature protection

· Overheat protection


Product Descriptions

Along with the stainless and rustless material, there is a wide range of product descriptions. There are some highlighted features of the Lestov commercial induction.


· Height: 300+100 mm

· Width: 530mm

· Depth: 550mm

Electric Requirements

· Watt: 3500w/5000v

· Voltage: 220v

· Phase: 1Ph

Not only is this, but there several controls within the commercial induction, which are easy to operate. Moreover, it is highly user-friendly and does not require much space to put in the kitchen. It has applications in the areas such as home, restaurants, and as well as catering. Some of the other uses of the commercial induction griddle are

· Stir-frying

· Grilling


Why Shop Commercial Induction Griddles from Lestov?


We provide the Lestov Commercial Induction Griddle in the stainless steel #304 material, the best solution for commercial kitchen use/restaurant use. The Lestov commercial griddles plate is made of the material, which is cast Iron or composite plate.


Cast iron plate is an even better conductor of heat. Our cast iron griddles plate can feature a half-smooth ( half-grooved) top surface if you require, allowing you to give products like steaks and burgers their signature barbeque effect and save on costs and space. The grooves' handy feature is that the excess grease and fat can drain from the food when cooking.


Composite griddles plate, using composite bottom three-layer material, iron (heating), aluminum (heat conduction), #304 stainless steel (food safety), can provide the fastest recovery time and increase the heat transfer rate by five times. The non-stick surface and lower energy costs make it better compared to the steel griddles plate (the most common plate seen in the marketplace) by competitors.


Firstly, the Induction cooker manufacturer, Lestov, is promising to provide the best griddles, which are rich in features. Overall functionalities of the commercial induction griddle are efficient for all users. As mentioned above, the induction griddle heats the plate but not the chef. Therefore, without taking a second opinion, you must select Lestov to shop for Commercial Induction Griddle.



As professional Induction cooker manufacturers, we must understand the needs of our buyers. Therefore, providing a one-year warranty is the main priority of the Lestov, Induction cooker manufacturers. We know that the griddle is much crucial for the chef so they must be, satisfy while buying it. 



Made for high traffic or a busy kitchen is only sold at factory-direct prices. Even at a very competitive price, Lestov's intimate details will impress you. If you have already purchased it, you will find that the plate top surface of the counter-top griddle is pre-greased, so take them out of the box carefully and make sure to dry and heat them thoroughly before first use.



To wrap it up

Lestov is the induction cooker manufacturer working at its best to serve the user with the best commercial griddles. Moreover, the commercial induction griddle which they are providing is highly cost-effective and user-friendly. 


All of the reviews about the induction cooker manufactures are much positive, and Lestov works for a long time in the market. Without even second thought, you can buy the product, and there will be no regret in your way.

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