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Advantages and disadvantages of high-power commercial induction cookers

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Advantages and disadvantages of high-power commercial induction cookers

High Power Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker is a new type of cooking equipment that is environmentally friendly, easy to handle and easy to clean. It is welcomed by more and more users. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of Lestov high-power commercial induction cooker?


First let's take a look at the cooking principles of these high-power induction cookers:

The principle of the high-power induction cooker is to output the alternating current into a low-frequency alternating magnetic field through the control circuit, so that the magnetically conductive cookware itself generates a large amount of dense eddy current, which converts the induced current into heat to heat the food.

This heating method is very efficient, and the main advantages of the high-power induction cooker are:

1.Fast heating speed: Due to the principle of direct heating, it can raise the temperature of the pot by more than 300 degrees in a few seconds.

2.No open flame: The advantage brought by no open flame heating is first of all safety, because it does not need easy to leak, flammable energy, and the safety is greatly improved. Secondly, because there is no open fire, the cleanliness of the work surface has also been greatly improved. Improved; and without additional heat radiation, the chef does not have to endure high temperatures during cooking;

3.Very convenient to use: high-power induction cooker is very easy to do the key parameters of cooking: accurate control of temperature and time, help operators save time, and help to unify the taste of dishes;

But it also has some imperfections:

1.Use habits and humanized design: High-power induction cooker as a new type of cooking equipment, its application time is still very short compared to open flame cooking, in some specific dishes, it is not very suitable for people's use. Habit; this requires a common run-in between manufacturers and consumers to drive this green cooking equipment application;

2.The lack of standard standards: Compared with mature home appliances, the relevant technical standards and specifications of high-power induction cookers are still relatively scarce, manufacturers are mixed, and the quality of products is mixed. For users, it is wise to choose an experienced manufacturer with research and development capabilities.

Lestov cooker has been developing and manufacturing high-power commercial induction cookers for more than ten years. It is the leader in the commercial kitchen industry. As a commercial induction cooker manufacturer in the kitchen revolution era, Qinxin company will manufacture more and better products for the community!

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