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Tips About Purchasing Commercial Induction Cookers in Bulk

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Tips About Purchasing Commercial Induction Cookers in Bulk

Commercial kitchenware applied in hotels, canteen, restaurant, etc. is different from household kitchenware as its various types. Therefore, purchasing commercial kitchenware is generally in bulk.

Among commercial kitchenware, the popularity of the commercial induction cooker comes with the rapid development of high-tech. Compared with traditional gas stoves, an increasing number of restaurants prefer cost-effective commercial induction cookers.

However, to select an ideal induction cooker is not that easy. In this article, we will post some recommendations for your reference to purchase commercial induction cookers in bulk.  

Several points to consider before buying a commercial induction cooker in bulk

The first thing you need to decide is how much heating power you need, which depends on the number of people you serve and the purpose of using a commercial induction cooker.

The heating speed is directly proportional to the thermal efficiency of the induction cooker, that is, the higher the heating power is, the faster the heating speed is. Generally, the power range of the induction cooker’s heating zone is from 2kW to 5kW. If you want a short time heating, commercial induction cookers with high power should come into your purchase list.


4 burner commercial induction cooker

Secondly, there is always a misunderstanding that the higher the price is, the better the quality of things is. However, expensive commercial induction cookers are not always the best choice.

The truth is that the price of commercial induction cooker is closely related to the materials and core technology used by manufacturers, especially the configuration of the commercial induction cooker. Although commercial induction cookers look the same on the market, they are different in the quality of parts inside the cooker.

It is necessary to make an in-depth analysis of your favorite induction cooker before purchasing as it is difficult to distinguish quality and function with the price.

Finally, you need to consider the heating panel of a commercial induction cooker. The quality of the induction cooker has a very important relationship with its appearance and heating panel.

The strength of the glass of the heating panel deserves more attention for the reason that it needs high abrasion resistance in the environment of a commercial kitchen that is humid and hot all year round. Thick glass is essential for busy kitchens, and most commercial induction cookers have a glass thickness of 6 mm, which can withstand harsh handling.

At the same time, you also need to keep an eye on the treatment of the panel after welding, and the material of the panel.

Commercial Countertop Induction Cooker 

Where to purchase commercial induction cooker

After learning the information that will help you before your purchase, you may also want to know where to purchase.

Commercial kitchenware is generally wholesale, so manufacturers are very important. More attention should be paid to the qualification of the manufacturers.

It has to say that manufacturers with strong R & D capabilities will be ideal choices for you. These manufacturers have production experiences for several years, whose quality of the commercial induction cooker can be guaranteed. Moreover, purchasing large quantities of commercial kitchen equipment means tremendous expense. Thus, what reaches the top of considerations is the reputation of the manufactures if you want your purchase to be worth it.

Lestov commercial induction cooker is researched and developed by our company with absorbing advanced technology and with many years of production experience.

With Strong R&D development and continuous innovation, we get a good reputation and public praise among customers. Our company provides not only commercial induction cookers wholesale service but also OEM & ODM services if you have such a need.

Last but not least, we hope this article can be beneficial for you to know more about purchasing commercial induction cookers.

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