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Some problems may encounter about using induction cooker

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Some problems may encounter about using induction cooker

Induction cooker is used in our daily life and everybody maybe encounter a few problems when using. For example:

1) Slow heating; 2) Easy to burn a pot, changing the thick-bottomed only get better; 3) You cannot adjust the firepower when using; 4) Induction cooker is not durable enough.

According to the common questions, we have compiled some answers.

1. Why is my induction cooker slow to heat?

Because the power is too low, so you must choose high power! According to different needs, Lestov cooker can provide commercial induction cooker with different functions, size and power to satisfy steaming, boiling, stewing, braising, frying and other different cooking requirements.

2. Why some induction cooker cooks easy paste pot, some do not paste pot by the same power?

There is a direct relationship with the wire disc. Wire coil is the important parts of induction cooker heating, the larger the wire coil heating area is, the smaller the wire coil heating area is.

The wire coil diameter of Smabo induction cooker is all-directional uniform heating. Therefore, the bigger the heating area of the same power, the harder the heat concentration will be.

In addition to the Coil diameterl, Coil material, Coil turns, Cable size, the number of magnetic strips also have an impact on the heating efficiency.

The coil of induction cooker

3. Why is it difficult to get the heating power you want when using the induction cooker?

It has very big concern with firepower paragraph! The induction cooker fire section mainly has 6, 8, 9 sections. It is suggested to choose the type with more fire sections. The more fire sections, the more options, and the more convenient it will be. Smabo induction cooker uses 9 sections of fire control, it would be suitable for most kinds of cooking methods.


4. What kind of induction cooker is more durable!?

Pay attention to the waterproof performance: it is recommended the product has a water board, waterproof wall design, even if the overflow pot water will not touch the electronic components.

Pay attention to the design of air outlet: it is recommended to design horizontal air outlet, which has excellent heat dissipation effect and can be used for a longer time by electronic components.

Choose the touch induction cooker: touch type are all-in-one panel, better waterproof performance.

The using PCB Core box of Lestov induction cooker use full sealed design, and the protection grade is IPX6. And it equipped with waterproof cooling fan, improve the heat dissipation effect. 

IPX6 PCB Box of commercial induction cooker

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