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How to make a delicious steamed vermicelli roll with Lestov steamer?

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How to make a delicious steamed vermicelli roll with Lestov steamer?

As a kind of snack with Guangdong characteristics for a long time, in the past, the four famous points of morning-tea in Guangzhou were steamed vermicelli roll, shrimp dumplings, Shaomai, and barbecued pork buns. It can be seen that Cantonese like steamed vermicelli roll. Now not only Guangdong people have a special liking for it, many friends from other provinces are full of praise for it after eating.

steamed vermicelli roll

The steamed vermicelli roll is made of rice. It can be as breakfast and snack. Not only in the street, the steamed vermicelli roll also could be found in the star rated hotel.


Although the steamed vermicelli roll is famous in Guangdong, but a good steamed vermicelli roll at least have even, thin, soft, tender, tough, slippery, cool and other characteristics. In order to make a high quality steamed vermicelli roll, the temperature control of the rice flour steamer is also very important.

different kinds of rice flour

The rice flour steamer is an equipment with high temperature to steam vermicelli roll. The operating temperature of Lestov induction steamer always maintains the most suitable cooking temperature, which makes the steamed vermicelli roll tender and refreshing degree, transparency, slippery and tough enough or not.


The rice flour steamer has cabinet type, drawer type and bula type. Lestov electromagnetic double grid steamer makes the steam circulates in the steamer inside, by virtue of its electromagnetic vortex high-pressure steam technology. It would keep the temperature constant in the furnace cavity and moisture is not volatile, so that makes the rice flour more tender, more refreshing. The lower part of the steamer is a rectangular grid box, surrounded by hot water channels. Just pour the rice milk on the cotton cloth of stainless steel mesh to make 1-2 portions of steamed vermicelli roll per minute.

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