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How does the commercial induction cooker improve the efficiency of a canteen?

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How does the commercial induction cooker improve the efficiency of a canteen?

Commercial induction cooker is one recent technology that has captured quite a few hearts in the world of cooking. Most canteens in the world right now are trending towards cookers with 4 burners induction cooktops. This increase in trend is all but justified given the massive benefits and advantages these commercial induction cookers pack. The truth is, the right induction equipment with the right cookware can truly improve your canteen output and transform your kitchen for good.

Before we go into the benefits of these induction cookers, let's briefly discuss what induction cooking is.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking has to do with the generation of heat through magnetism. The heat produced is flameless unlike gas, but heats the cookware directly, making it an efficient cooker. Since there is no flame at all, it means the environment in and around the kitchen is safe and free from pollution. This is why commercial induction cookers are high on demand right now.


So, how exactly do these cookers work?

Basically, these induction cookers use the heat generated from magnetism. There are a series of electrical components within the cooker which creates resistance within the cooker. It's this resistance that generates the heat under the cookware making the food inside it to boil, fry or burn, depending on what one is cooking.

Now, once the food is done all you have to is remove the cookware from the commercial induction range. Immediately you do this, the source of heat gets cut off and your cookware begins to cool.

commercial induction cooktops

Benefits of commercial induction cookers

The truth is whether you like it or not, commercial induction ranges have various advantages over the more traditional electric cookers as well as gas cookers. These advantages are mainly the reason why it's used by canteens in cruises, hotels, and major restaurants.


More Heat

Right now, commercial induction ranges get heated faster than any other form of cooker available. This means you get to cook more, cook faster, and more efficiently.  

Since the heating is more than other cookers, it's easier to see why top hotels prefer these 4 burner induction cooktop. You simply get to cook more within a very short time. Meaning you will attend to way more guests.


In terms of energy saved, commercial induction cookers come out on top when compared to other cookers. These commercial induction ranges transfer heat to their cookware with 90% efficiency while electric cookers and some other major non-induction tools transfer 72%. This simply means you save a lot on energy when using these cookers.


No dangerous components

Gas cookers come with the danger of one being exposed to open flames while electric pose the red-hot element threat. With commercial induction cookers, you don't have to worry about this. Virtually all of these 4 burner induction cooktops don't have open flames or elements. You only have to worry about your heated cookware nothing else. This means there is increased safety when using commercial induction ranges. It's easy to see why chefs and cooks prefer these types of cookers.



Unlike the other traditional cookers, commercial induction cookers don't allow the air around it to warm up. This means that the ambient temperature remains low even while the equipment is in use.

Now that we have discussed some of the major benefits of these commercial induction cookers, let's talk about their features.


One of the most commonly used cookers in the induction cooker category is the 4 burner induction cooktop.

This equipment offers 4 glass-ceramic cooking surface. The beauty is, each of these cooking surfaces has a hotplate of 3.5kw or 5kw. You also have full access to choose the firepower of each of them. You can choose from the 3500w or the 5000w. The cooktops are perfect for making sauces, stew, soups, frying dishes, and lots more. The fact that you can control the power generated means your food will hardly get burnt.


Features of commercial induction cookers:


Each of the burners is made of a 6mm thick high impact glass with induction zones. The induction zones can be 1, 2 down to 6. It basically depends on the number of burners your commercial induction cooker has. What this means is that the chef can perform low precise cooking on one side while making high-temperature frying on another.


Power control

The flexibility of the power control is a major win for these cookers. It has one knob that you can use to either increase or decrease the firepower generated while you cook. Each of the burners can be tweaked to be 3500w, or 5000w, at anytime you want.


The display

Each commercial induction cooker has a series of quality visual LED display attached to it. From the power display, the section showing the cooking time and even the error code display found at the control panel. All displays in these cookers are LED.


Little or no wastage

This commercial induction ranges come with inbuilt fans that calmly dissipates the residual heat-formed while in use. This is what keeps the kitchen cool and dry, thus ensuring little or no wastage in energy.


Advanced safety features

The majority of the commercial induction cookers have hobs that easily detect system failures and display them efficiently to you. They actually stop working automatically, once an error is detected. The cookers automatically shutdown after three hours of non-use.


With all this in mind, it is easy to see why commercial induction cookers are great when it comes to increasing canteen efficiency. 

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