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How To Choose A Commercial Induction Cooker

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How To Choose A Commercial Induction Cooker

More and more chefs are beginning to use commercial induction cookers because they make their work easier. Commercial induction cookers are very environmentally friendly and take a short time to prepare meals. Commercial induction cookers are made of stainless steel and glass. You only need to wipe them gently to keep them clean.

 So, how can you choose a commercial induction cooker suitable for your restaurant? Maybe my suggestions can help you.

1.Select according to the number of diners

A 3500w commercial induction cooker is called a commercial electromagnetic small wok. This machine can make meals for 10-20 people. It is suitable for private restaurants, and other places with a small number of diners, and the power is 8kw. 12kw and 15kw commercial induction cookers are suitable for places with a large number of people. such as hotels, large restaurants, bars, etc. The meals produced by this machine can serve about 50 people.


2. Heating problem

In the past, we used a traditional gas stove. You can see the fire of gas stoves. Many businesses are worried about using induction cookers to heat smoke without gas stoves. The heating of induction cookers lies in the internal coils. This also reminds us to choose commercial induction cookers. When using, you need to payattention to the description of the induction cooker coil. Generally, we can choose a thickened coil made of pure copper. The heating area of this coil is wider and more uniform.


3. Material selection 

The surface material and manufacturing method of the induction cooker has a great influence on the product quality. Especially for commercial products, its load-bearing capacity and waterproofing capacity are very important. Therefore, the induction cookers we recommend are all made of stainless steel. Some induction cookers on the market have plastic casings, and some have steel casings, which cannot withstand long-term load and can be easily damaged.


4. Brand selection


At present, the induction cooker technology on the market is becoming more and more mature. Choosing high-quality products from reputable manufacturers like Lestov can give you more protection when using them. Lestov has been working in the commercial induction cooker industry for about 20 years. Lestov is a company located in China that integrates design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales services to users. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has more than 400 employees. It adopts fully automatic production lines and supplies various commercial induction cookers to more than 200 kitchenware dealerships and chain stores in 75 countries.

Check out Lestov’s best-selling induction cooker products

1.Double Screen Commercial Induction Fryer LT-TZL-B135


This hot-selling machine has 3.5KW and 5KW for you to choose from. It has two tanks and can fry French fries, donuts, turkeys, hot dogs, etc. It is very energy-saving and efficient. It has eight gears, and it can be adjusted from the lowest gear to the highest gear at will. I believe it can help you if you choose it.


2.Restaurant Automatic Wok Cooking Machine-LT–TGS30


What is an automatic cooking machine? It is equivalent to a cooking robot + an efficient cleaner + a professional chef. You can get this automated machine with 1/3 of the chef's monthly salary. It is a cooking robot that can work 24 hours a day.

Want to make standardized delicious meals? You may need it. It can program eight recipes. Press the button, then the machine will automatically cook for you. Waiters without cooking experience can also cook like a chef.



3.Tabletop 2 Burners Restaurant Induction Stovetop LT-TPP-B135


This tabletop 2-burner restaurant induction Stovetop LT-TPP-B135 is made of 4mm thick ceramic glass. The machine has good thermal conductivity. It uses induction heating technology. Traditional gas stoves only have an energy utilization rate of 

65%. Other calories are dissipated in the air, while commercial induction cookers have a 95% energy utilization rate, which can reduce restaurant operating costs in the long run.


In conclusion

Commercial induction cookers are becoming more and more popular and will become your good helper. Contact us to develop a service plan that suits you!

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