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"Good partner" of chef's health: Lestov induction cooking equipments

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"Good partner" of chef's health: Lestov induction cooking equipments

With the rapid development of catering industry, a successful restaurant depends on whether the chef can cook the dishes that the customer likes. Therefore, paying attention to the chef's health also directly affect the business of the restaurant. due to the bad working environment, such as soot, high temperature and noise, more and more chefs are in an unhealthy state. 

It has been confirmed by research that the cooking fumes which are due to the flue is not fully burned contain many harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, which is one of the main pollutants in the kitchen air. If the kitchen is poorly ventilated, the fumes are easily inhaled by the chef and get "oil smoke disease". The main manifestations of "oil smoke disease" are: Loss of appetite, poor mental health, general weakness, eat less, but gradually increase weight which is one of the reasons why many chefs are fat and thick. Excessively exposure to soot can also cause other diseases such as chronic conjunctivitis, chronic rhinitis, and chronic bronchitis.

According to the report of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the man who work in high-temperature occupations, such as bakers, cooks, potters, etc., are exposed to high levels of heat radiation, which will lead to reduce fertility. Experts said: After the temperature rises above 32℃, the thermoregulation mainly relies on the evaporation to dissipate heat. When the temperature reaches 34℃, it is necessary to prevent heatstroke. If a chef works continuously at high temperature and sweats too much for a long time, which easily causes dizziness, chest tightness, increased heart pressure, nausea, headache, vomiting and other symptoms.

According to the Beijing Disease Prevention and Control Center, about 10% of the occupational diseases are caused by noise. There is a lot of noise generated by various machines affecting the chef’s hearing in the kitchen.

Lestov high-power induction stoves work with no flam, no heat radiation, no smoke, no ash, no pollution, and doesn't generate harmful substances, such as CO, CO2, SO3. Lestov brand commercial kitchen equipment adopt fan speed control to lower temperature, which effectively solves the problem of excessive noise of traditional stoves and have passed the Chinese national radiation safety test.

Moreover, Lestov commercial induction cooktops can save much costs for enterprises and restaurants.

Lestov high-power induction stove not only makes the kitchen environment clean and hygienic, but also protects the physical and mental health of chefs.

Please pay attention to chef’s health, providing them a green, clean, cool and safe cooking environment in kitchen.

Lestov induction cooktops specializes in designing and manufacturing of induction solutions for Commercial kitchen, can provide OEM services, please feel free to contact us.

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