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Do induction cookers consume much more energy?

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Do induction cookers consume much more energy?

The commercial induction cooker is a good helper for kitchen equipment. It has dramatically enhanced cooking efficiency. Lestov provides a variety of high-power induction cookers products which can quickly heat food in a short time. Some people worry that it will consume much more electricity. But it is energy-saving commercial kitchen equipment. You only need to use lower consumption costs to cook delicious dishes, which better than gas stoves. We will compare the energy consumption of commercial induction cookers and gas stoves, and you can find the answer from the fact that we want to share with you.

Why do induction cookers consume less energy?
1.Working principle of induction cooker
Induction equipment is basing on the principle of eddy current heating induced by the magnetic field (Related reading; Understand the technology and principles behind the commercial induction cooker). When you put the magnetic oven on the panel, the copper wire tray in the induction device will generate a magnetic field after contact with the current, which will directly generate eddy current at the bottom of the stove, make the bottom of the cooktop heat up and warm to the food quickly.

Induction heating means the electric energy is almost converting into heat energy at the bottom of the stove, which acts on heating food. Electrical power converted to thermal energy exceeding 95%, rather than 40-55% of thermal energy utilization in gas stoves (the flame of the gas furnace is challenging to focus on the bottom of the cookware).

2.Automatic power-off protection
Electromagnetic equipment has intelligent technology. After the cooker leaves the panel for a certain distance, it will automatically stop the induction state and enter the low energy consumption mode. Moreover, when the board can't feel the cookware or continuous high temperature and dry burning, it will immediately start the alarm device and cut off the power supply. Lestov is basing on the consideration of protecting electromagnetic equipment and reducing your consumption cost, and reducing unnecessary losses is conducive to saving power.

3.Cooking speed
Based on the electromagnetic equipment directly releasing heat energy at the bottom of the pot, electromagnetic equipment can save energy and effectively shortens the cooking time. Concentrated heat energy release can accelerate cooking, complete dishes quickly, and save electricity consumption. Take Lestov's automatic cooking machine as an example, which takes only three minutes to cook ten pounds of curry beef.

4.Inductive thermal conductivity
The wire coil and digital signal processor in the movement are the key factors that determine whether the electromagnetic equipment has good thermal conductivity.
The Lestov electromagnetic equipment selects copper wire with better thermal conductivity with a diameter exceeding 220mm (mostly 150mm-180mm in the market).
Increasing the copper wire coil area means that the thermal conductivity is further improved; and reduces unnecessary energy loss. Digital signal processor controls the current output of electromagnetic equipment, uses probe technology to control the heating temperature, and adjusts the power of the induction cooker.
The most advanced "Infineon" digital signal processor in Germany is selecting for Lestov electromagnetic equipment; precise instruction code is input by the specialized R&D team so that the induction cooker can operate under safe, efficient & energy-saving control.

How much electricity does the induction cooker consume?

To give you precise comparative data, We have tested the energy loss of the popular Lestov electromagnetic equipment and gas stoves in the market. (tested video)In the experiment, we tested the time and energy consumption of boiling six cups of ounces of water per burner. The average boiling time of gas stoves is 8 minutes and 34 seconds, while the radiant electric heater is 5 minutes and 47 seconds. Surprisingly, the average boiling time of electromagnetic equipment is only half that of gas stoves, only 3 minutes and 07 seconds. The average electricity price in the United States ranges from 8 cents to 12 cents/kWh. Taking Iowa as an example, the 5000W electromagnetic equipment working for 3 minutes uses electricity at (5000 * 3/60)/1000 = 0.25 kWh, consumes cost at 0.25 * 8 = 2 cents.

How to reducing induced electrical loss?
1.Choose cookware made of cast pot, a stainless iron pot, stainless steel pot, etc. This kind of cookware has good magnetic conductivity, and its heating load is more matche with induced eddy current, so the heat energy conversion rate is relatively high.

2.Select the flat bottom cookware having the same area as the panel induction coil to avoid unnecessary sensing caused by excessive heating or in short contact with the cookware.

3.When cooking, choose the appropriate power menu option according to the dish making, and higher or lower power is not conducive to the efficient use of heat energy.

4.Although the induction furnace is fast-burning and efficient kitchen equipment, it is also necessary to press the pause to rest after a lengthy operation.

5.After the induction cooker stops running, the panel has not yet cooled and can be used to keep food warm.

Any kitchen equipment will consume energy; from the cost of use, commercial induction is lower than others because of its greater power and faster heating efficiency. As a result, more and more merchants use commercial induction cooktops for cooking and benefit from them.
Lestov has 17 years of experience in electromagnetic equipment. We will continue to make an investment in R & D, continuously apply new technologies and materials, introduce electromagnetic catering equipment, more effective, energy-saving, and more convenient, suitable for commercial kitchens.
If you want to get more information about electromagnetic devices, visit our official website ( and get the information you want.

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