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Discover the Benefits of 5000w induction cooker

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Discover the Benefits of 5000w induction cooker

Although some countries and regions are limited by 220V electricity, it does not affect customers to buy Lestov 5000w tabletop induction stove in small commercial restaurants or kitchen.

We have taken a video so that customers can more intuitively see the difference between the table top commercial induction cooker and the gas stove.

1. The video is to heat 3.48 kg water from 18.5 degree to 100 degree. Before heating, the total weight of the gas is 10.56kg; After the test, the total weight of the gas is 10.44kg. Induction cooker and gas stove boil water at the same time, and they took 4 minutes and 53 seconds in total. ( The actual power of this tabletop induction stove is 4700w. )


2. The cost of gas stove is RMB 0.96, and the cost of induction cooker is RMB 0.35. In contrast, the induction cooker can save 63% of the cost.


From the video, you can know some benefits of Lestov induction cooktopsAre you looking for China commercial induction cooker supplier? Choose Lestov commercial induction stove. We can make your kitchen more safer, cleaner, cheaper, greener and cooler. Why not to take action now? 

When cooking is a comfortable, simple, and efficient thing for the chef, the chef can focus more on the cooking itself, which is more conducive to the stability and innovation of the dishes. In fact, for a restaurant, that is a good additional service and potential benefit growth point. 

Surely, you could firstly read our RFQ list from Technical support to know more informations before your order. Welcome you to contact us.


In addition, add our others comparison data on commercial induction wok cooker and gas stove for your reference:


1. Experimental data: the following data is to heat 50 kg water at room temperature to boiling.

Stove type Liquefied gas stove Commercial Induction wok burner
Input power Air blower(550W) φ800 stove φ900 stove φ1000 stove
Fuel usage electricity 0.2KW 20KW 25KW 30KW
fuel 2.1 kg 6.5 degrees 6.5 degrees 6.5 degrees
Taken test time 21 minutes 19 minutes plus 30 second 17 minutes 13 minutes
Price base $0.9/kg $0.15kw/h $0.15kw/h $0.15kw/h
Expense($) $1.92  $1  $1  1

2.Comparative results analysis

Stove type Liquefied gas stove Commercial Induction wok nurner
Stove specification 160mm stove core 20KW 25KW 30KW
Hourly cost $5.36  $3.01  $3.45  $3.91 
Daily time

6 hours plus

 20 minutes

5 hours plus 

50 minutes

5 hours plus 


3 hours plus 

50 minutes

Daily cost $34.46  $17.55  $17.55  $17.55 
Monthly cost $1,033.80  $526.32  $526.32  $526.32 
Yearly cost $12,406.70  $6,363.82  $6,363.82  $6,363.82 

Remark: The contrast data is calculated on a single stove. 

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