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Daily use requirements and possible problems of commercial induction cooker

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Daily use requirements and possible problems of commercial induction cooker

Commercial induction cooker is becoming more and more common in all types of commercial kitchens. For the novice user, it is very common to have problems in an application. To operate commercial induction cooktops proficiently, users must understand in detail the daily use of commercial induction cooker tips, operating cautions, and safe use of the knowledge.


Scales of the commercial kitchen

Commercial induction cooker is widely used in hotels, fast food restaurants, factory canteens, Chinese and Western restaurants, commercial kitchens on ships, etc., with a large scale for catering. By size, commercial kitchens can be divided into micro (for 25 diners), small (for 150 diners), medium (for 500 diners), and large (for 1,000 diners), large (for 1500 people) and other categories.


If it is a small kitchen, to adapt to the efficient operation of the kitchen, the cooking area and the decontamination area should be distinguished, if you don’t pay attention to safe water or electricity, that danger factor will be greatly increased. So, each commercial induction cooker should be equipped with air leakage protection switch, and not directly using outlet plugs to connect electricity to avoid current Increased voltage and risk of fire.


In the case of medium-sized kitchens, the area of the kitchen increases and so do the dishes. In addition to the cooking and decontamination area, there is also a batching zone and even a dedicated pastry area. The division of labor varies from chef to chef, and the commercial kitchen may be equipped with a countertop induction cooker, but also with an automatic pasta boiler, rice steamer or griddle, refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer.


More equipment, more people, more appliances gather in the commercial kitchen. While the large appliances are used at the same time, it is necessary to equip with over-current protection, the power should keep stable. The heating vessels should not be made of non-ferromagnetic substances, such as glass, aluminum, or copper. Please select the stainless steel container or enamel pot with magnetic.


Large kitchens, on the other hand, will be more attentive to the kitchen equipment. Also, the size of the classification will be more detailed, cooking area, side dishes area, dish-washing area, pastry area, special dishes, and food storage area. According to the commercial kitchen standard in the large hotel, it will be equipped with a deluxe vertical combination stove (crock-pot, induction cooking range, deep fryer, pasta cooker, griddle, etc.), and various types of equipment.


The attention of the commercial induction cooker


When purchasing a commercial induction cooker with high power, you must use a copper core power cord with a suitable current. Commercial kitchens are equipped with sockets and plugs that cannot have leakage or other safety issues. At the same time, the location should be stable, and in a good place for heat dissipation and ventilation, and do not pile debris around. Also, what kind of commercial induction cooker is equipped, what kind of pot is equipped, the pot should not be too heavy or too light.


Besides, these are some of the considerations for the foundation of commercial induction cooktops:

Do not place pots, pans, or other objects on the panel.

After using the induction cooker, turn off the equipment in time.

Clean induction cooker according to washing standard, and do not flush directly.

Abnormal downtime occurs, stop using and contact the after-sales department.


Therefore, when you decide to upgrade the commercial induction equipment, a powerful brand is very necessary. You will save a lot of time and money on the process and after-sales service.


As a commercial induction hob manufacturer, you can choose the suitable commercial induction cooker for your kitchen from Lestov. A possible way to improve your kitchen efficiency is by upgrading the commercial induction cooker. No matter your commercial kitchen is a Chinese restaurant, Italy canteen, or French hotel, Lestov can supply you with different induction cooker you need.

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