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Advantages of using commercial induction cooktops

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Advantages of using commercial induction cooktops

What is a commercial induction cooktop

The commercial induction cooktop is a modern, efficient, and energy-saving cooking tool. 

When the commercial induction cooktop starts working the coil below uses movement to generate a magnetic field. 

When a pot containing iron comes into contact with the commercial induction cooktop, eddy currents occur,causing the commercial induction cooker to work.


Should I switch from gas to a commercial induction cooktop?

The answer is yes.

Many Chinese restaurants like to stir-fry over high heat, and chefs start using gas stoves from the beginning.

When a commercial induction cooktop appeared, we were worried about whether we should use the new products of the times or continue to use traditional cooking tools such as gas stoves. Below I will compare them from several aspects. After reading this, you will know how to choose.

What is the benefit of a commercial induction cooktop?

1. Price

why many restaurants are reluctant to switch to commercial induction cookers is that they believe that the purchase price of commercial induction cookers is higher than that of gas stoves.

 This is a misunderstanding about the commercial induction cooktop.

First of allafter purchasing a gas stove, we also need to install ventilation ducts and other equipment.

In addition, the gas generated by the gas stove will travel directly upward.

When cooking with a gas stove in a container such as a wok, most of the gas will dissipate from the sides. 

The efficiency of gas stoves is only 40%, which means that 60% of energy is wasted, but you need to pay for this 60% of energy.

Commercial induction cookers require simple installation and use efficiency of up to 90%!

In the long term, the cost of using commercial induction cookers is much lower than that of gas stoves.

2. No open flame technology

Lestov commercial induction cooktop can already reach cooking temperatures in a few seconds. 

Generally speaking, a 3500W induction cooker can complete cooking within fifteen minutes.

You'll never get a real fire to kiss your food, but be able to cook standardized, delicious meals.

3. Environmental protection and safety

When commercial induction cookers are working, almost all the heat is condensed on the bottom of the pot, and there is no open flame, and no toxic gases such as carbon monoxide are produced.

In the summer, using a commercial induction cooktop is the wisest choice. 

Chefs don’t have to endure high-temperature cooking environments, and there are no burn injuries.

 Using a commercial induction cooktop will keep the kitchen fresh and clean.

4. Safety

There are too many accidents such as poisoning and suffocation due to gas leakage.

Commercial kitchens are the most used areas in restaurants. Cooking over an open flame presents a fire hazard.

It rarely causes accidents. After all, it has a variety of safety measures, such as automatic power-off and anti-dry burning functions.


How to choose the right commercial induction cooktop

The type of induction cooktop you choose depends on the size of your restaurant and its cooking capacity. I can give you the following suggestions:

Built-in induction cooker VS desktop induction cooker

If you want to build a high-end commercial kitchen and the available space in the kitchen is small, we can choose a built-in induction cooker. 

The built-in induction cooker is flush with the tabletop and looks beautiful.

The professional built-in induction cooker produced by Lestov manufacturer is made of 304 stainless steel. 

Cleaning commercial induction cooktops requires just a gentle wipe

It also has a twin-turbo high-frequency cooling fan with good heat dissipation performance.

The desktop induction cooker is easy to install.

In commercial kitchens, tabletop induction cooktops have strong heat dissipation capabilities.

Number of people dining

If you run a small restaurant, you can choose to use a 3500w or 5000w commercial induction cooker. A wok of this power can generally make meals for 10-20 people.

On the contrary, if you have a large restaurant or hotel, which is a place with a large number of diners, you can choose an 8kw or 12kw commercial induction cooker.

What cookware works with commercial induction cooktops?

Commercial induction cookers need to use stainless steel, iron pots, special iron pots for induction cookers, and other pots containing iron properties.

When cleaning a commercial induction cooktop, wipe the surface lightly.

In addition, stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and high temperature.

Learn more

If you want to know more about commercial induction cooktops, please pay attention to the Lestov product series.

The Lestov manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing induction cookers and exports to more than 70 countriesbringing customers a high-quality product experience. Our after-sales team will also be Devotely at your service.


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