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Industrial Freestanding Double Steam Convection Oven 10 Trays

The 10-tray Multipurpose Steam Oven is on sale! The combination of steaming and baking, 3-layer baking mode, and the multi-function button panel can precisely adjust the temperature and humidity. Great for bagels, donuts, turkey, bread, steamed fish.
  • LT-WZ10-G136

  • Lestov

Product Size:


power 36KW
voltage 380V, 3 Phase, 50HZ
Material Stainless Steel #201/#304
Dimensions 850*778*1113mm
Tray Size 400*600mm
Capacity 150L
Specification 1 Deck 10 Trays
Package Way Carton Box
Warranty 1 Year

Product Features:

  • The 150L & 10-layer baking pan can bake multiple batches of bread, cakes, bagels, turkeys, biscuits.

  • 3-layer baking or steaming mode, can precisely adjust temperature, humidity, baking time.

  • The steam convection technology transfers heat evenly to each layer of the baking pan, and the food is fully baked.

  • Up to 100 baking recipes can be stored or edited. Recipes can be set according to different baking needs.

  • Rapid temperature rise within 5 minutes to reach 300°C and 100% humidity. The temperature can be precisely adjusted.

  • The built-in temperature probe monitors the temperature inside the food, providing more accurate and convenient control of the baking process.

  • The temperature inside the oven can be quickly cooled by the button, which is convenient for low-temperature baking or cleaning.

  • 3-fold automatic cleaning mode, the intensity of cleaning can be adjusted according to needs.

Product Details:

commercial steam oven

convection steam oven

steam convection oven

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