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Restaurant Commercial Countertop Convection Toaster Oven for Baking

This commercial oven uses convection fans to transfer heat to each layer of the pan for even baking, and 9 editable recipes for intelligent, automated baking. The multi-function button panel provides precise adjustment of humidity, temperature and baking time.
  • LT-RK3-D175

  • Lestov

Product size:

Model Dimension Voltage Power Specification
LT-RK3-D175 L750*W700*H780mm
380V, 3N 7.5kW
1 Deck 3 Trays

Product Features:

  • High-definition glass door & one-key lighting function provides visual baking;

  • Editable 9 baking recipes. Select through buttons 1-9, each recipe has 5 steps;

  • The multi-function button panel can independently set the baking temperature and time;

  • Double safety door design provides security and promotes internal temperature recycling;

  • One-key keep warm: Adjust the keep warm temperature of the oven by pressing the button;

  • One-button humidification: adjust or increase the humidity in the oven by pressing the button;

Product Details:

commercial rotisserie oven

combination microwave oven

commercial toaster oven

The difference between ordinary oven and convection oven:

  • Ordinary ovens not only bake food by conduction and radiation, but also heat the air around the food;

  • A convection fan brings fully heated air into contact with food in rapid succession, increasing roasting speed.

  • Ordinary ovens don't distribute heat evenly; convection ovens use fans to distribute heat evenly to the food;

  • Ordinary ovens create a "boundary layer" of cooling air around the food, extending the cooking time of the food;

  • The heat of a ordinary oven is dissipated from the bottom. Convection ovens have a fan that circulates hot air around the oven

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